Athena: Full Throttle

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Athena: Full Throttle
P comic01.jpg
Promotional comic cover of the game
Developer(s) SNK Playmore
Publisher(s) SNK Playmore
Series Athena series
Platform(s) i-mode on FOMA90x platform
Release 2006
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single player

Athena: Full Throttle (アテナフルスロットル Atena Furu Surottoru?) is a platform mobile game, produced and published in 2006 by SNK Playmore for the i-mode on FOMA90x platform, as a real sequel of the original Athena video game.


It takes place after Princess Athena defeated Dante, but she is again bored with the peaceful days without adventures. This time she opens the Door Which Shoudn't Be Opened: B, disregarding the advice from her loyal maid Helene, an additional playable character who is proficient in magic, and they both fall to the Elysium World to face a bunch of new villains.


It features enough primary style as a homage to its predecessor, and many new elements along with the amusing Omake mode for mobile phone users. This game got a direct sequel soon after its immediate popularity which features new adventures in Helene's alma mater, the "Winning Witch Academy".


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