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Athena Eizou
Industry Pornography
Founded 1981
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Products Pornographic films

Athena Eizou or Athena Eizō (アテナ映像 Atena Eizō?) is an early pioneering Japanese adult video (AV) production company.[1] They have offices in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan.[2]

Company information[edit]

Athena Eizou was founded December 21, 1981 by pink film director Tadashi Yoyogi and Hikaru Kitoh (鬼闘光).[2][3] The VCR and home video market in Japan was still very small at this time[4] and Yoyogi, who has been described as the "Father of Japanese Adult Video", had produced his first adult video just a month before.[3] Japanese adult entertainment audiences, however, were already moving away from the theatrical pink film[5] and Athena Eizou and Yoyogi proved successful.[6] The company's first star was Kyōko Aizome, called the "first hard-core porn actress in Japan",[7] who appeared in several early releases in the 1980s.[8] In the next decade, "big-bust" actress Mariko Morikawa made her AV debut with Athena with the July 1994 release Tits Way Too Huge.[9]

In 2010, the company, which is located in Tokyo's Shibuya ward, had a capital of 10 million Yen (about $100,000) and the CEO was 杉山英寛.[2] Athena Eizou has operated a website Athena Online since April 2003 with an audience derived 84% from Japan and 12% from China.[10] The website has videos available by mail order and by direct download, including a number of works from the early years of the company. The company produces about seven or eight new releases per month on DVD.[11]


The company has used the following labels for its videos:[12]

  • Athena (アテナ)
  • Directors


Several directors have worked with the company over the years:[13]

  • Tadashi Yoyogi (代々木忠)
  • Hikaru Kitoh (鬼闘光)
  • Mitchel (ミツル)
  • Eitaro Onuma (大沼栄太郎)
  • Katsuya Ichihara (市原克也)
  • Takehiro Yasuda (安田健弘)


Some AV Idols who have appeared in Athena Eizou videos:


Some popular Athena series:[14]

  • Lewd Performance (いんらんパフォーマンス)
  • Psycho Hypnotic Ecstacy (サイコ催眠エクスタシー)
  • Secret Sexual Technique (性感極秘テクニック)
  • The Interview (ザ・面接)
  • Zubotsu Us! (おはズボッ!)


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