Athens Olympic Tennis Centre

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The main court at the Athens Olympic Tennis Centre.
Exterior view of the Main Court.

The Olympic Tennis Centre is a grouping of 16 tennis courts at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex. The centre consists of a main stadium, known as the Main Court, seating 8,600 fans - though only 6,000 seats were made publicly available during the Olympics - two semifinal courts seating 4,300 spectators - though only 3,200 seats were made publicly available during the Olympics - and thirteen side courts seating 200 observers each.

Each of the courts use the DecoTurf cushioned acrylic surface, the same surface as the U.S. Open Grand Slam event. The Main Court, in particular, was extremely large by the standards of major tennis competitions, with the seats relatively far removed from the tennis court.


The arena hosted the tennis matches at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The centre was completed in February 2004 and officially opened on August 2, 2004.

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