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Athens Voice
Athens Voice logo.gif
Current logo
Formatalternative weekly
PublisherFotis Georgeles
Editor-in-chiefAggeliki Birbili
HeadquartersCharilaou Trikoupi 22, Athens, Greece
Circulationapp. 150,000 (readership) per week

Athens Voice is a Media company that includes the printed ATHENS VOICE Newspaper, the digital publication, the radio station Athens Voice Radio 102,5 and Athens Voice Books.

ATHENS VOICE Newspaper is a free press weekly edition released every Thursday with a distribution network that includes not only the major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki but 20 more cities in Greece. Upon its establishment in 2003, ATHENS VOICE was a breakthrough in the printed media scene because it combined the validity and the stirring effect of a newspaper with the freshness, aesthetics and youthful essence of a magazine. Also, by challenging esteemed artists of the domestic and the international art scene to create the cover page, ATHENS VOICE established one of the major art events of the city, “Art on the Front Page”, with an exhibition of the original artworks at one of the most prestigious Greek Art Institutes, the Benakis Museum.

ATHENS VOICE and contain original material, articles and comments on current socio-political affairs, as well as stories on arts, books, fashion, urban culture, travel, events, nightlife and culinary trends, signed by prominent and highly influential representatives of the media and the artistic world. The online version, with over 2,5 million monthly unique visitors, combines the articles published in the print version together with a continuous flow of entirely new material.

ATHENS VOICE media has also the largest social media community (facebook, twitter and Instagram). Athens Voice Radio 102.5 FM began broadcasting in 2017, featuring a warm and colorful variety of sounds and voices, DJs, journalists and contributors who comment on the everyday city life in a bright, fresh and inspiring manner.

ATHENS VOICE ranks at the top among the weekly publications, city guides and the rest of the free press magazines and newspapers that followed its publication. According to the latest reports, Athens Voice is one of the biggest newspapers (standard & free press) in the country.

Within the years, it has expanded through extra editions (Lookmag for women, Homemag for home & design, the Thessaloniki-based monthly magazine Soul for young lifestyle, the Summer and Winter Guides), the organizing of major cultural events (the cover exhibition at the Benakis Museum, First Sound live music) and its participation in others (Fashion Week, European Music Day).

Its annual Travel Guides (City & Islands Summer Guide) are published in English. The English online version & combines the articles published in the print version with unique additional travel material.

Athens Voice Books is a publishing house. It was founded in 2003 and has a significant impact on public debate in city of Athens, through its books on urban culture, politics, the arts and fashion.

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