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Athlacca (historically Athlacka, from Irish: an tÁth Leacach, meaning "the ford of the flagstones")[1] is a small village in County Limerick, in the south west of Ireland. It is situated 26 km south of Limerick City, on the Morningstar river. The name Athlacca means 'ford of the flagstones', a feature that was once evident under the current St Catherine's Bridge. In the 17th century the parishes of Dromin and Athlacca amalgamated and became one, now the parish goes by the name Dromin/Athlacca.

There are two Pubs's in the village, a national school, a playschool and Catholic church. There is only one public house in Dromin. Whilst the Catholic Church remains in permanent use, the old Church of Ireland Church has been demolished and all that remains is the steeple and gable wall. The parish extends from Rathcannon in the south to Crean in the north.

Athlacca is in a rural area where farming, although in steep decline, still being the biggest employer.

Athlacca parishioners have included Jim Cregan, the former European athletics champion, and PP Hogan, champion horse trainer. The most popular sports, include hurling, Gaelic football, soccer and badminton and Greyhound Racing. Horse racing, has a following in the area and a point-to-point meeting is held annually. Not alone does Athlacca hold their own point to point but they hold the Bruff Point to Points and other parishes.

The local GAA club is Dromin/Athlacca the club plays hurling and football, the club colours are Blue and White. The club won the 2013 County Intermediate Hurling Championship beating Knockaderry in the final and as of 2014 compete at the Premier Intermediate grade. The underage joined up with Banogue a few years ago and formed a new club 'Dromin Athlacca Banogue' their club colours are Blue and Green.

The sheltered housing known as "Dawn Court" was built on the grounds of the old creamery. It was opened by the President of Ireland, Mrs. Mary McAleese. The only part of the old creamery left is the chimney staff. There are at present 20 houses in this area. The houses consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, dining/sitting room and bathroom. There is a small shed out the back of the houses for storing coal or other items. This housing system is unique as it is ecologically friendly.[citation needed] More houses went up a couple of years ago[when?] and to separate the dwellings there is a marble chair, this sculpture is of a high chair or Kings chair it is made of green marble. On top of the chair is the scull and antlers of a red deer this is in honour of the giant elk that was found in Rathcannon at the turn of the 20th Century.

The Dromin/Athlacca community launched their defibrillator project on the 25th of August 1910 at the Church in Athlacca. The project developed from money raised at the annual 'Community Cross Country Ride in 2004' & from a corresponding concern about the issue of heart related emergencies in the region. Following the recruitment of a project co-coordinator, 18 volunteers were recruited to operate the defibrillators and two defibrillator machines are now in place at fixed sites. One of the defibrillators is on the wall to the left of Dromin Church and the second is on the wall on the right of the Church in Athlacca.

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Coordinates: 52°27′28″N 8°39′5″W / 52.45778°N 8.65139°W / 52.45778; -8.65139