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Athlete of the Year is an award given by various sports organizations for the athlete whom they have determined to be deserving of such recognition.

Definition of "athlete"[edit]

For etymology of "athlete", see Athlete

Similar names for the award[edit]

The awards are also sometimes called player of the year, most valuable player (MVP), sportsperson (sportsman or sportswoman) of the year, or Mr./Ms. X sport. For example, at the high-school level in the United States, several American states choose a Mr. Basketball (e.g., Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin). Such awards — general and one-sport-only — are common at the high-school, college (university), and professional levels in the United States.

Various athlete of the year awards[edit]

Athletics (track and field)[edit]

All sports[edit]









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 New Zealand








 South Africa





 United Kingdom


 United States

Because these awards are given by American organizations, the winners are usually, but not always, Americans. Also, the presence of the word "Sportsman" in the name of an award does not imply that the award is open solely to men; women have frequently won these awards.

One sport (other than track and field)[edit]

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