Athletics at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 5000 metres team race

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Men's 5000 metres team race
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue Bois de Boulogne
Date July 22
Competitors 10 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Australia/Great Britain
 Mixed team
2nd, silver medalist(s) France

The men's 5000 metres team race was the final track and field event on the athletics programme at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. It was the first time that a team race was held at the Olympics. It was held on July 22, 1900. Two teams, from France and a Mixed Team, of five athletes each competed. Stan Rowley of Australia completed an otherwise British team.

The event consisted of a single heat in which each of the ten runners completed ten laps of the 500 metre track. Runners scored points for their team equal to their place in the race, with the team with the lowest number of points winning.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Mixed team (ZZX)
 Charles Bennett (GBR)
 John Rimmer (GBR)
 Sidney Robinson (GBR)
 Alfred Tysoe (GBR)
 Stan Rowley (AUS)
 France (FRA)
 Henri Deloge (FRA)
 Gaston Ragueneau (FRA)
 Jacques Chastanié (FRA)
 André Castanet (FRA)
 Michel Champoudry (FRA)
none awarded


Individual standings[edit]

Place Athlete Time Points
1  Charles Bennett (ZZX) 15:29.2 1
2  John Rimmer (ZZX) Unknown 2
3  Henri Deloge (FRA) Unknown 3
4  Gaston Ragueneau (FRA) Unknown 4
5  Jacques Chastanié (FRA) Unknown 5
6  Sidney Robinson (ZZX) Unknown 6
7  Alfred Tysoe (ZZX) Unknown 7
8  André Castanet (FRA) Unknown 8
9  Michel Champoudry (FRA) Unknown 9
10  Stan Rowley (ZZX) retired at 3,500 metres 10

Team standings[edit]

Place Nation Points
1  Mixed team (ZZX) 26
2  France (FRA) 29

Rimmer and Bennett led the entire way, followed by the first three Frenchmen not far behind. Tysoe and Robinson kept pace with Castanet and Champoudry in the third bunch of runners while Rowley had been injured and began walking following the first lap. Bennett pulled away from Rimmer in the final sprint. After Champoudry finished ninth, Rowley was the only athlete still going and therefore would receive tenth place were he to finish. The race officials decided that it would be pointless for him to walk the final 1500 metres and awarded him tenth place at the end of his seventh lap.


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