Athletics at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's shot put

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Men's shot put
at the Games of the V Olympiad
Pat McDonald, Lawrence Whitney, Ralph Rose 1912.jpg
Left-right: Pat McDonald, Lawrence Whitney, Ralph Rose
Venue Stockholm Olympic Stadium
Date July 10
Competitors 22 from 14 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Pat McDonald  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Ralph Rose  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Lawrence Whitney  United States
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Pat McDonald on the way to winning the gold medal.

The men's shot put was a track and field athletics event held as part of the athletics at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. It was the fifth appearance of the event, which is one of 12 to have been held at every Summer Olympics. The competition was held on Wednesday, July 10, 1912.

Twenty-two shot putters from 14 nations competed.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1912 Summer Olympics.

World Record 15.54 United States Ralph Rose San Francisco (USA) August 21, 1909
16.56(*) United States Ralph Rose Healdsburg (USA) June 26, 1909
Olympic Record 14.81 United States Ralph Rose St. Louis (USA) August 31, 1904

(*) unofficial, set in an exhibition


Ralph Rose, the two-time defending Olympic champion and holder of the Olympic record (14.81 metres, set at the 1904 Summer Olympics), was unseated by Pat McDonald after a colossal throw in the final. Rose bettered his own record with his first throw, coming just shy of 15 metres. With his third throw, Rose again topped himself, heaving the shot 15.25 metres while none of the other competitors had yet matched his first throw. At the end of the preliminaries, Rose's 15.25 stood well above McDonald's 14.78 metres and Lawrence Whitney's 13.93 metres.

Each of the three finalists received three more throws for the finals, but only two out of the combined 9 throws were legal marks. Whitney, who had scratched twice in the preliminaries, did so three more times to make his 13.93 metres the only legal throw of his 6. Rose's first throw in the finals was measured at 14.96 metres, giving him three throws that were better than the old record. McDonald, however, launched his first throw fully 15.34 metres to take the record and the gold medal after none of the three throwers could make a legal mark in their second or third throws.

Place Athlete Preliminary Final Best mark
1 2 3 Rank 4 5 6
1  Pat McDonald (USA) 14.54 14.27 14.78 2nd 15.34 OR 15.34
2  Ralph Rose (USA) 14.98 OR 14.68 15.25 OR 1st 14.96 15.25
3  Lawrence Whitney (USA) 13.93 3rd 13.93
4  Elmer Niklander (FIN) 13.52 13.65 4th 13.65
5  George Philbrook (USA) 12.84 13.13 5th 13.13
6  Imre Mudin (HUN) 6th 12.81
7  Einar Nilsson (SWE) 12.18 12.62 7th 12.62
8  Patrick Quinn (GBR) 8th 12.53
9  André Tison (FRA) 11.74 12.41 9th 12.41
10  Paavo Aho (FIN) 10th 12.40
11  Michalis Dorizas (GRE) 11th 12.05
12  Aurelio Lenzi (ITA) 10.52 11.25 11.57 12th 11.57
13  Josef Schäffer (AUT) 11.44 13th 11.44
14  Karl Halt (GER) 14th 11.16
15  František Janda-Suk (BOH) 15th 11.15
16  Raoul Paoli (FRA) 9.81 10.61 11.11 16th 11.11
17  Marcel Pelletier (LUX) 10.68 11.04 17th 11.04
18  Paul Willführ (GER) 10.90 18th 10.90
19  Mgirdiç Migiryan (TUR) 10.33 10.63 19th 10.63
20  Ēriks Vanags (RUS) 10.44 20th 10.44
21  Arvīds Ozols-Berne (RUS) 10.33 21st 10.33
22  Charles Lagarde (FRA) 9.41 22nd 9.41


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