Athletics at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's marathon

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Men's marathon
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
VenueStade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir and nearby roads
DatesJuly 13
Competitors58 from 20 nations
Winning time2:41:22.6
1st, gold medalist(s) Oskar Stenroos
2nd, silver medalist(s) Romeo Bertini
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Clarence DeMar
 United States
← 1920
1928 →

The men's marathon event was part of the track and field athletics programme at the 1924 Summer Olympics. The marathon was held on Sunday, July 13, 1924.[1]

It was only the second Olympic marathon to use the distance of 26 miles, 385 yards which was first used in 1908 and is now the standard marathon distance.

Fifty-eight runners from 20 nations competed.


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows:[2]

World record  Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) 2:32:35.8 Antwerp, Belgium 22 August 1920
Olympic record  Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) 2:32:35.8 Antwerp, Belgium 22 August 1920


The race was held on Sunday, July 13, 1924.

Rank Athlete Result
1st, gold medalist(s)  Oskar Stenroos (FIN) 2:41:22.6
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Romeo Bertini (ITA) 2:47:19.6
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Clarence DeMar (USA) 2:48:14.0
4  Lauri Halonen (FIN) 2:49:47.4
5  Sam Ferris (GBR) 2:52:26.0
6  Manuel Plaza (CHI) 2:52:54.0
7  Boughéra El-Ouafi (FRA) 2:54:19.6
8  Gustav Kinn (SWE) 2:54:33.4
9  Dionisio Carreras (ESP) 2:57:18.4
10  Jüri Lossman (EST) 2:57:54.6
11  Axel Jensen (DEN) 2:58:44.8
12  Jean-Baptiste Manhès (FRA) 3:00:34.0
13  John Cuthbert (CAN) 3:00:44.6
14  Victor McAuley (CAN) 3:02:05.4
15  Marcel Alavoine (BEL) 3:03:20.0
16  Frank Wendling (USA) 3:05:09.8
17  Arthur Farrimond (GBR) 3:05:15.0
18  Frank Zuna (USA) 3:05:52.2
19  Harry Phillips (RSA) 3:07:13.0
20  Augustinus Broos (BEL) 3:14:03.0
21  Henning Karlsson (SWE) 3:14:21.4
22  Tullio Biscuola (ITA) 3:19:05.0
23  William Churchill (USA) 3:19:18.0
24  Mohammed Ghermati (FRA) 3:20:27.0
25  Charles Mellor (USA) 3:24:07.0
26  Pierre-Georges LeClercq (BEL) 3:27:54.0
27  Jack McKenna (GBR) 3:30:40.0
28  Antal Lovas (HUN) 3:35:24.0
29  Mahadeo Singh (IND) 3:37:36.0
30  Elmar Reimann (EST) 3:40:52.0
 Ernesto Alciati (ITA) DNF
 Vyron Athanasiadis (GRE) DNF
 Belisario Villacís (ECU) DNF
 Ettore Blasi (ITA) DNF
 Cornelis Brouwer (NED) DNF
 Alberto Cavallero (ITA) DNF
 Josef Eberle (TCH) DNF
 Henrik Hietakari (FIN) DNF
 Bohumil Honzátko (TCH) DNF
 Ján Kalous (TCH) DNF
 Shizo Kanakuri (JPN) DNF
 Pál Király (HUN) DNF
 Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) DNF
 Alexandros Kranis (GRE) DNF
 Ville Kyrönen (FIN) DNF
 Ernest Letherland (GBR) DNF
 Angelo Malvicini (ITA) DNF
 Albert Mills (GBR) DNF
 Yahei Miura (JPN) DNF
 Gabriel Ruotsalainen (FIN) DNF
 Iraklis Sakellaropoulos (GRE) DNF
 Teunis Sprong (NED) DNF
 Théophilus Steurs (BEL) DNF
 Kikunosuke Tashiro (JPN) DNF
 Félicien Van De Putte (BEL) DNF
 Georges Verger (FRA) DNF
 Ralph Williams (USA) DNF
 Dunky Wright (GBR) DNF


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