Athletics at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's team cross country

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Men's team cross country
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
Venue Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Date July 12
Competitors 38 from 10 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Liimatainen, Nurmi, Ville Ritola
Berg, Rastas, Sipilä
2nd, silver medalist(s) Fager, Johnson, Studenroth
Booth, Gray, Henigan
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Heuet, Lauvaux, Norland
Dolquès, Lausseigh, Marchal
← 1920
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The men's team cross country event was part of the track and field athletics programme at the 1924 Summer Olympics. It was the third and last appearance of this event. The competition was held on Saturday, July 12, 1924.

Six nations competed as they have at least three competitors participating in the individual cross country race.


The first three runners for each nation to finish in the individual cross country race counted towards the team results. The placings and points were only given to the first three runners of the teams that had already three finishers. Their placings were summed, and the team with the lowest sum won.

Place Team Score Total
1  Finland (FIN) 11
Paavo Nurmi 1
Ville Ritola 2
Heikki Liimatainen 8
Väinö Sipilä DNF
Eino Rastas DNF
Eero Berg DNF
2  United States (USA) 14
Earl Johnson 3
Arthur Studenroth 5
August Fager 6
James Henigan (11)
John Gray DNF
Verne Booth DNF
3  France (FRA) 20
Henri Lauvaux 4
Gaston Heuet 7
Maurice Norland 9
Robert Marchal DNF
André Lausseigh DNF
Lucien Dolquès DNF
 Spain (ESP) DNF
Fabián Velasco (13)
Miguel Peña (14)
José Andía DNF
Jesús Diéguez DNF
Amador Palma DNF
Miguel Palau DNF
 Great Britain (GBR) DNF
Ernie Harper (4)
Arthur Sewell DNF
John Benham DNF
Eddie Webster DNF
Joseph Williams DNF
 Sweden (SWE) DNF
Edvin Wide DNF
Sven Thuresson DNF
Sidon Ebeling DNF
Gösta Bergström DNF