Athletics at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Women's 4 × 100 metres relay

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Women's 4 x 100 metres relay
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
Dates August 4 (heats)
August 5 (final)
Competitors  from 8 nations
Teams 8
Winning time 48.4
1st, gold medalist(s) Myrtle Cook
Ethel Smith
Bobbie Rosenfeld
Jane Bell
2nd, silver medalist(s) Jessie Cross
Loretta McNeil
Betty Robinson
Mary Washburn
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Anni Holdmann
Leni Junker
Rosa Kellner
Leni Schmidt
1932 →
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1928 Summer Olympics
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The women's 4 x 100 metres relay event at the 1928 Olympic Games took place between August 4 & August 5.



Heat 1

Rank Country Time Notes
1  Canada 49.3 Q, WR
2  Netherlands 50.4 Q
3  France 51.0 Q
4  Sweden 53.2

Key: Q = Qualified, WR = World record

Heat 2

Rank Country Time Notes
1  United States 49.8 Q
2  Germany 49.8 Q
3  Italy Q
4  Belgium

Key: Q = Qualified


Rank Country Time Notes Competitors
1st, gold medalist(s)  Canada 48.4 WR Ethel Smith, Bobbie Rosenfeld, Myrtle Cook, Jane Bell
2nd, silver medalist(s)  United States 48.8 Jessie Cross, Loretta McNeil, Betty Robinson, Mary Washburn
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Germany 49.0 Anni Holdmann, Leni Junker, Rosa Kellner, Leni Schmidt
4  France 49.6 Georgette Gagneux, Yolande Plancke, Marguerite Radideau, Lucienne Velu
5  Netherlands 49.8 Lies Aengenendt, Rie Briejèr, Jeanette Grooss, Bets ter Horst
6  Italy 53.6 Luisa Bonfanti, Giannina Marchini, Derna Polazzo, Vittorina Vivenza

Key: WR = World record