Athletics at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Women's 800 metres

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Women's 800 metres
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
Date August 1 (heats)
August 2 (final)
Winning time 2:16.8
1st, gold medalist(s) Lina Radke  Germany
2nd, silver medalist(s) Kinue Hitomi  Japan
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Inga Gentzel  Sweden
1960 →
Athletics at the
1928 Summer Olympics
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The women's 800 metres at the 1928 Summer Olympics took place between August 1 and August 2. Some press reports of the event claimed that many of the competitors were exhausted or failed to finish the race.[1][2] According to Lynne Emery, these reports were inaccurate and the athletes were winded as normal after a race.[1] In any case, the idea that the distance was too great for women prompted the IOC to drop it from the Olympic programme.[2] It was reintroduced in 1960.[2]



Heat 1

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Marie Dollinger  Germany 2:22.4 OR, Q
2 Inga Gentzel  Sweden Q
3 Bobbie Rosenfeld  Canada Q
4 Anny Mallon  Netherlands
5 Elisabeth Oestreich  Germany
6 Dee Boeckmann  United States

Key: OR = Olympic record, Q = Qualified

Heat 2

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Lina Radke  Germany 2:26.0 Q
2 Kinue Hitomi  Japan 2:26.4 Q
3 Gertruda Kilosówna  Poland 2:28.0 Q
4 Aat van Noort  Netherlands
5 Edie Robinson  Australia
6 Juliette Segers  Belgium
7 Sébastienne Guyot  France
8 Emy Pettersson  Sweden
9 Giannina Marchini  Italy
10 Rayma Wilson  United States

Key: Q = Qualified

Heat 3

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Jean Thompson  Canada 2:23.2 Q
2 Florence MacDonald  United States Q
3 Elfriede Wever  Germany Q
4 Mien Duchateau  Netherlands
5 Ida Degrande  Belgium
6 Marcelle Neveu  France
7 Otylia Tabacka  Poland 2:33.0
8 Josefine Lauterbach  Austria
9 Paula Radziulytė  Lithuania

Key: Q = Qualified


Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Lina Radke  Germany 2:16.8 WR
2 Kinue Hitomi  Japan 2:17.6
3 Inga Gentzel  Sweden 2:17.8
4 Jean Thompson  Canada 2:21.4
5 Bobbie Rosenfeld  Canada 2:22.4
6 Florence MacDonald  United States 2:22.6
7 Marie Dollinger  Germany 2:23.0
8 Gertruda Kilosówna  Poland 2:28.0
9 Elfriede Wever  Germany

Key: WR = World record


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