Athletics at the 1930 British Empire Games

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The now-modernised Civic Stadium in Hamilton

At the 1930 British Empire Games, the athletics events were held at the Civic Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The programme featured 21 men's events, with all measurements being done in imperial units.

England came away with the most medals in the athletics competition, winning nine gold medals and twenty-five medals overall. The hosts, Canada, were the next most successful and won 19 medals altogether, six of which were gold. South Africa were the other nation to take away a large athletics medal haul, having three golds and ten medals in total. Eight nations featured on the medal tally at the first British Empire Games.

South African Harry Hart was highly successful in the throwing events and he came away from the games as the champion in the shot put and discus throw, as well as being the javelin throw bronze medallist. David Burghley took a hurdles double for England, winning both the 110-yard and 440-yard races. Reg Thomas won the mile run and was the 880 yards silver medallist. John Fitzpatrick of Canada won a medal of each colour in the sprinting events, winning his gold with the Canadian 4×100 metres relay team. Englishman Reg Revans won silver medals in the horizontal jumps, while Canadian Len Hutton won long jump gold, but only a bronze in the triple jump. Johannes Viljoen of South Africa showed his versatility by winning the high jump and reaching the podium in the long jump as well.

Medal summary[edit]

Percy Williams, men's 100 yards champion
Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards  Percy Williams (CAN) 9.9  Ernie Page (ENG) 10.2e  John Fitzpatrick (CAN) 10.2e
220 yards  Stanley Engelhart (ENG) 21.8  John Fitzpatrick (CAN)  Willie Walters (SAF)
440 yards  Alex Wilson (CAN) 48.8  Willie Walters (SAF) 48.9e  George Golding (AUS)
880 yards  Tommy Hampson (ENG) 1:52  Reg Thomas (ENG) 1:55.5e  Alex Wilson (CAN) 1:55.6e
1 mile  Reg Thomas (ENG) 04:14  William Whyte (AUS) 4:17.0e  Jerry Cornes (ENG)
3 miles  Stan Tomlin (ENG) 14:27  Alex Hillhouse (AUS) 14:27.6e  Jack Winfield (ENG) 14:28e
6 miles  Billy Savidan (NZL) 30:50  Ernie Harper (ENG) 31:01.6e  Tom Evenson (ENG)
Marathon  Dunky Wright (SCO) 2:43:43  Sam Ferris (ENG) 2:47.13e  Johnny Miles (CAN) 2:48:23e
2 Mile steeplechase  George Bailey (ENG) 9:52  Alex Hillhouse (AUS)  Vernon Morgan (ENG)
120 yards hurdles  David Burghley (ENG) 14.6  Howard Davies (SAF) 14.7e  Fred Gaby (ENG)
440 yards hurdles  David Burghley (ENG) 54.4  Roger Leigh-Wood (ENG) 55.9e  Douglas Neame (ENG)
High jump  Johannes Viljoen (SAF) 1.90  Colin Gordon (BGU) 1.88  William Stargratt (CAN) 1.85
Pole vault  Victor Pickard (CAN) 3.73  Howard Ford (ENG) 3.73  Robert Stoddard (CAN) 3.66
Long jump  Len Hutton (CAN) 7.20  Reg Revans (ENG) 6.96  Johannes Viljoen (SAF) 6.86
Triple jump  Gordon Smallacombe (CAN) 14.76  Reg Revans (ENG) 14.29  Len Hutton (CAN) 13.90
Shot put  Harry Hart (SAF) 14.58  Robert Howland (ENG) 13.46  Charles Hermann (CAN) 12.98
Discus throw  Harry Hart (SAF) 41.43  Charles Hermann (CAN) 41.22  Abe Zvonkin (CAN) 41.17
Hammer throw  Malcolm Nokes (ENG) 47.13 Leinster Bill Britton (IRL) 46.89  John Cameron (CAN) 44.45
Javelin throw  Stan Lay (NZL) 63.13  Doral Pilling (CAN) 55.93  Harry Hart (SAF) 53.21
4×110 yards relay  Canada
Jim Brown
John Fitzpatrick
Leigh Miller
Ralph Adams
42.2  England
James Cohen
John Heap
John Hanlon
Stanley Engelhart
42.7e  South Africa
Howard Davies
Werner Gerhardt
Wilfred Legg
Willie Walters
4×440 yards relay  England
David Burghley
Stuart Townend
Kenneth Brangwin
Roger Leigh-Wood
3:19  Canada
Alex Wilson
Art Scott
Jimmy Ball
Stanley Glover
3:19.8e  South Africa
John Chandler
Werner Gerhardt
Wilfred Legg
Willie Walters

Medal table[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  England 9 10 6 25
2  Canada 6 4 9 19
3  South Africa 3 2 5 10
4  New Zealand 2 0 0 2
5  Scotland 1 0 0 1
6  Australia 0 3 1 4
7=  British Guiana 0 1 0 1
7= Leinster Ireland 0 1 0 1
Total 21 21 21 63