Athletics at the 1938 British Empire Games

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The events took place with a makeshift track at the cricket ground

At the 1938 British Empire Games, the athletics events were held at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, Australia in February 1938. A total of 28 athletics events were contested at the Games, 20 by men and 8 by women.

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards  Cyril Holmes (ENG) 9.7  John Mumford (AUS) 9.8e  Ted Best (AUS) 9.9e
220 yards  Cyril Holmes (ENG) 21.2  John Mumford (AUS) 21.3e  Ted Best (AUS) 21.4e
440 yards  Bill Roberts (ENG) 47.9  William Fritz (CAN) 47.9e  Denis Shore (SAF) 48.1e
880 yards  Pat Boot (NZL) 1:51.2  Frank Handley (ENG) 1:54.0e  Bill Dale (CAN) 1:54.2e
1 mile  Jim Alford (WAL) 4:11.6  Gerald Backhouse (AUS) 4:12.2e  Pat Boot (NZL) 4:12.6e
3 miles  Cecil Matthews (NZL) 13.59.6  Peter Ward (ENG) 14:05.4  Scotty Rankine (CAN) 14:24.0e
6 miles  Cecil Matthews (NZL) 30:14.5  Scotty Rankine (CAN) +180 yd  Wally Hayward (SAF) +250 yd
Marathon  Johannes Coleman (SAF) 2:30:15  Bert Norris (ENG) 2:37:57  Jackie Gibson (SAF) 2:38:20
120 yards hurdles  Tom Lavery (SAF) 14.0w  Larry O'Connor (CAN) 14.2ew  Sid Stenner (AUS) 14.4ew
440 yards hurdles  John Loaring (CAN) 52.9  John Park (AUS) 54.6e  Alan McDougall (AUS) 55.2e
High jump  Edwin Thacker (SAF) 1.96  Robert Heffernan (AUS) 1.88  Doug Shetliffe (AUS) 1.88
Pole vault  Andries du Plessis (SAF) 4.11  Les Fletcher (AUS) 3.97  Stuart Frid (CAN) 3.88
Long jump  Harold Brown (CAN) 7.43  Jim Panton (CAN) 7.25  Basil Dickinson (AUS) 7.15
Triple jump  Jack Metcalfe (AUS) 15.49  Lloyd Miller (AUS) 15.41  Basil Dickinson (AUS) 15.28
Shot put  Louis Fouché (SAF) 14.47  Eric Coy (CAN) 13.96  Francis Drew (AUS) 13.8
Discus throw  Eric Coy (CAN) 44.75  David Young (SCO) 43.04  George Sutherland (CAN) 41.47
Hammer throw  George Sutherland (CAN) 48.71  Keith Pardon (AUS) 45.11  Jim Leckie (NZL) 44.21
Javelin throw  Jim Courtright (CAN) 62.8  Stan Lay (NZL) 62.21  Jack Metcalfe (AUS) 55.5
4×110 yards relay  Canada
Jack Brown
John Loaring
Larry O'Connor
Pat Haley
41.6  England
Cyril Holmes
Ken Richardson
Sandy Duncan
Lawrence Wallace
41.8e  Australia
Alf Watson
Ted Hampson
Ted Best
Howard Yates
4×440 yards relay  Canada
John Loaring
Lee Orr
Bill Dale
William Fritz
3:16.9  England
Brian MacCabe
Frank Handley
Henry Pack
Bill Roberts
3:19.2  New Zealand
Alan Sayers
Arnold Anderson
Graham Quinn
Harold Tyrie


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 yards  Decima Norman (AUS) 11.1  Joyce Walker (AUS) 11.3e  Jeanette Dolson (CAN) 11.4e
220 yards  Decima Norman (AUS) 24.7  Jean Coleman (AUS) 25.1e  Eileen Wearne (AUS) 25.3e
80 metre hurdles  Barbara Burke (SAF) 11.7w  Isabel Grant (AUS) 11.7ew  Rona Tong (NZL) 11.8ew
High jump  Dorothy Odam (ENG) 1.60  Dora Gardner (ENG) 1.57  Betty Forbes (NZL) 1.57
Long jump  Decima Norman (AUS) 5.80  Ethel Raby (ENG) 5.65  Thelma Peake (AUS) 5.55
Javelin throw  Robina Higgins (CAN) 38.28  Antonia Robertson (SAF) 36.98  Gladys Lunn (ENG) 36.41
yards relay
Eileen Wearne
Decima Norman
Jean Coleman
49.1  Canada
Barbara Howard
Aileen Meagher
Jeanette Dolson
49.9e  England
Dorothy Saunders
Kathleen Stokes
Winifred Jeffrey
yards relay
Decima Norman
Jean Coleman
Joan Woodland
Thelma Peake
1:15.2  England
Dorothy Saunders
Ethel Raby
Kathleen Stokes
Winifred Jeffrey
1:17.2e  Canada
Barbara Howard
Aileen Meagher
Jeanette Dolson
Violet Montgomery

Medal table[edit]

Decima Norman was Australia's most successful athlete of the games with five gold medals.[1]

  *   Host nation (Australia)

1 Canada (CAN)86620
2 Australia (AUS)*6111229
3 South Africa (RSA)61310
4 England (ENG)48214
5 New Zealand (NZL)3159
6 Wales (WAL)1001
7 Scotland (SCO)0101
Totals (7 nations)28282884



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