Athletics at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metres

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Men's 200 metres
at the Games of the XVI Olympiad
Venue Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date 26 November 1956 & 27 November 1956
Competitors 42 from 23 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Bobby Morrow  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Andy Stanfield  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Thane Baker  United States
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1960 →
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These are the official results of the Men's 200 metres event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. There were a total number of 66 competitors from 32 countries. The first and second rounds were held on Monday 26 November and the semi finals and final on Tuesday 27 November.

Even though it had been a part of the Olympics, the IAAF had only certified world records for the 200 meters around the bend since 1951. Both claimants to the record Andy Stanfield and Thane Baker were in this final. Stanfield took a slight lead from the gun, making up the stagger on Jose Telles da Conceicao to his outside just past half way through the turn. Inside of him, 100 meter champion Bobby Morrow slowly accelerated and caught Stanfield. Coming off the turn, Morrow had almost a meter advantage. Two meters back, Baker was in a battle with Michael Agostini. Down the final straight, Morrow opened up another meter to take the win. Baker separated from Agostini and made a late run at Stanfield, coming up a couple of feet short. Morrow's hand time of 20.6 equalled the world record. An early fully automatic timing system gave him a time of 20.75, though automatic times would not become recognized as records for 21 more years. It was a second successive American sweep of the event. Stanfield and Baker had led the 1952 sweep. USA swept the 200 meters in 1904, 1932, 1952, 1984 and 2004.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Bobby Morrow (USA)  Andy Stanfield (USA)  Thane Baker (USA)


First Round[edit]

Twelve heats were held, the two fastest of which would qualify for the Second Round.

Heat 1[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Jose Telles da Conceicao (BRA) 21.61s
2  Manfred Germar (EUA) 21.88s
3  Rene Ahumada Rodriguez (MEX) 21.96s
4  Mel Spence (JAM) 22.13s
5  Jean-Pierre Goudeau (FRA) 22.13s

Heat 2[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Karl-Friedrich Haas (EUA) 21.56s
2  Vaclav Janecek (TCH) 21.85s
3  Douglas Winston (AUS) 22.20s
4  Milkha Singh (IND) 22.47s
5  Kyohei Ushio (JPN) 22.64s

Heat 3[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Michael Agostini (TRI) 21.80s
2  Vincenzo Lombardo (ITA) 21.94s
3  Yuriy Konovalov (URS) 22.09s
4  Josef Trousil (TCH) 22.54s
5  Legesse Beyene (ETH) 23.63s
6  Manum Bumroongpruck (THA) 24.59s
-  James Roberts (LBR) DQ

Heat 4[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Andy Stanfield (USA) 21.69s
2  Sergio D'Asnasch (ITA) 22.35s
3  Muhammad Sharif Butt (PAK) 22.38s
4  Fred Hammer (LUX) 22.73s
5  Nigousse Robba (ETH) 23.89s
-  Apolinar Solorzano (VEN) DQ

Heat 5[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Abdul Khaliq (PAK) 21.32s
2  Maurice Rae (NZL) 21.57s
3  Joao Pires Sobrinho (BRA) 21.67s
4  Tom Robinson (BAH) 21.76s
5  Sandor Jakabfy (HUN) 21.78s
6  Malcolm Spence (JAM) 21.86s

Heat 6[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Kanji Akagi (JPN) 22.26s
2  Jorge Machado de Barros (BRA) 22.30s

Heat 7[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Thane Baker (USA) 21.92s
2  Béla Goldoványi (HUN) 22.08s
3  Bjørn Nilsen (NOR) 22.33s
4  Oliver Hunter (GUY) 22.54s
5  Giovanni Ghiselli (ITA) 22.68s
6  Hailou Abbebe (ETH) 23.25s

Heat 8[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Vilem Mandlik (TCH) 21.79s
2  Hector Hogan (AUS) 21.97s
3  David Segal (GBR) 22.22s
4  Joseph Foreman (CAN) 22.28s
5  Kesavan Soon (SIN) 23.94s

Heat 9[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Bobby Morrow (USA) 21.95s
2  Edward Schmidt (POL) 22.03s
3  Graham Gipson (AUS) 22.06s
4  Akira Kiyofuji (JPN) 22.56s
5  Abdul Aziz (PAK) 22.98s

Heat 10[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Boris Tokarev (URS) 21.62s
2  Brian Shenton (GBR) 21.85s
3  Rafael Romero (VEN) 21.87s
4  Janusz Jarzembowski (POL) 21.91s
5  Joseph Goddard (TRI) 22.23s
6  Eero Kivela (FIN) 22.56s
7  Benjamin Kiyini Nduga (UGA) 22.89s

Heat 11[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Constantin Lissenko (FRA) 22.06s
2  Iván Rodríguez (PUR) 22.06s
3  Roy Sandsrom (GBR) 22.18s
4  Pentti Rekola (FIN) 22.22s
5  John Parrington (CAN) 22.61s
6  Montri Srinaka (THA) 23.88s
7  Emmanuel Gbecy Putu (LBR) 24.33s

Heat 12[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Leonhard Pohl (EUA) 21.78s
2  Leonid Bartenev (URS) 21.94s
3  Yves Camus (FRA) 22.37s
4  Phaibulya Vacharabhan (THA) 23.92s
5  Richard Estick (JAM) 25.81s

Second Round[edit]

Four heats were held, the three fastest of which would qualify for the Semifinals.

Heat 1[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Abdul Khaliq (PAK) 21.34s
2  Michael Agostini (TRI) 21.35s
3  Leonhard Pohl (EUA) 21.49s
4  Leonid Bartenev (URS) 21.53s
5  Béla Goldoványi (HUN) 21.64s
6  Edward Schmidt (POL) 21.73s

Heat 2[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Andy Stanfield (USA) 21.22s
2  Boris Tokarev (URS) 21.42s
3  Jose Telles da Conceicao (BRA) 21.46s
4  Vincenzo Lombardo (ITA) 21.53s
5  Kanji Akagi (JPN) 22.03s
-  Constantin Lissenko (FRA) DNS

Heat 3[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Thane Baker (USA) 21.34s
2  Vilem Mandlik (TCH) 21.56s
3  Karl-Friedrich Haas (EUA) 21.68s
4  Hector Hogan (AUS) 21.90s
5  Iván Rodríguez (PUR) 22.16s
6  Sergio D'Asnasch (ITA) 22.82s

Heat 4[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Bobby Morrow (USA) 22.03s
2  Maurice Rae (NZL) 22.12s
3  Brian Shenton (GBR) 22.15s
4  Vaclav Janecek (TCH) 22.26s
5  Jorge Machado de Barros (BRA) 23.88s
-  Manfred Germar (EUA) DNS


Two semifinals were held, the three fastest of which would qualify for the final.

Semifinal 1[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Thane Baker (USA) 21.21s
2  Bobby Morrow (USA) 21.43s
3  Jose Telles da Conceicao (BRA) 21.53s
4  Abdul Khaliq (PAK) 21.58s
5  Karl-Friedrich Haas (EUA) 21.74s
6  Maurice Rae (NZL) 21.75s

Semifinal 2[edit]

Place Athlete Time
1  Andy Stanfield (USA) 21.35s
2  Michael Agostini (TRI) 21.48s
3  Boris Tokarev (URS) 21.50s
4  Leonhard Pohl (EUA) 21.64s
5  Vilem Mandlik (TCH) 21.74s
6  Brian Shenton (GBR) 22.08s


Place Athlete Time
1  Bobby Morrow (USA) 20.75s EWR
2  Andy Stanfield (USA) 20.97s
3  Thane Baker (USA) 21.05s
4  Michael Agostini (TRI) 21.35s
5  Boris Tokarev (URS) 21.42s
6  Jose Telles da Conceicao (BRA) 21.56s