Athletics at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's high jump

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These are the official results of the men's high jump event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. Twenty-eight contestants met on the morning of the first day of the athletic contests, on Friday November 23, 1956, and 22 cleared the qualifying height of 1.92 metres, to meet again in the afternoon.[1][2]

Charles Dumas, Chilla Porter and Igor Kashkarov cleared 2.06 metres on their first attempts. Stig Pettersson cleared it on his third. Dumas was in third place after a miss at 2.03m At 2.08m, Dumas and Kashkarov cleared on their first attempt, while Porter dropped to third place by making it on his second. Pettersson was eliminated. Dumas held the lead with a second attempt clearance of 2.10m while Porter made it on his last attempt. Kashkarov had to settle for bronze. On his final attempt, Dumas set the final new Olympic record with 2.12 metres while Porter couldn't negotiate the height.[1]


Gold Silver Bronze
Charles Dumas
 United States
Chilla Porter
Igor Kashkarov
 Soviet Union


These are the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1956 Summer Olympics.

World Record 2.15 United States Charles Dumas Los Angeles (USA) June 29, 1956
Olympic Record 2.04 United States Walt Davis Helsinki (FIN) July 20, 1952

The standing Olympic record was bettered or equalized ten times over the course of the 5 hour long competition.[3]


Rank Athlete Height
1st place, gold medalist(s)  Charles Dumas (USA) 2.12 m
2nd place, silver medalist(s)  Chilla Porter (AUS) 2.10 m
3rd place, bronze medalist(s)  Igor Kashkarov (URS) 2.08 m
4  Stig Pettersson (SWE) 2.06 m
5  Ken Money (CAN) 2.03 m
6  Volodymyr Sitkin (URS) 2.00 m
7  Phil Reavis (USA) 2.00 m
7  Colin Ridgway (AUS) 2.00 m
9  Julius Chigbolu (NGR) 2.00 m
10  Vern Wilson (USA) 2.00 m
11  Maurice Fournier (FRA) 1.96 m
12  Patrick Etolu (UGA) 1.96 m
13  Yukio Ishikawa (JPN) 1.96 m
14  Ajit Singh Balla (IND) 1.96 m
15  Ernle Haisley (JAM) 1.96 m
16  Peter Wells (GBR) 1.96 m
17  Ciriaco Baronda (PHI) 1.92 m
18  Joseph Leresae (KEN) 1.92 m
19  Vincent Gabriel (NGR) 1.92 m
20  Yang Chuan-kwang (ROC) 1.86 m
21  Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam (CEY) 1.86 m
22  José Telles da Conçeicão (BRA) 1.86 m
 Gianmario Roveraro (ITA) 1.88 m (q)
 John Vernon (AUS) 1.82 m (q)
 I Gusti Putu Okamona (INA) 1.82 m (q)
 Maridjo Wirjodemedjo (INA) 1.82 m (q)
 Bengt Nilsson (SWE) 1.82 m (q)
 Vladimir Polyakov (URS) NH (q)


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