Athletics at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Women's shot put

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Athletics at the
1956 Summer Olympics
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These are the official results of the Women's Shot Put event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. The qualification round mark was set on 13.00 metres. Three athletes didn't pass that distance in the heats.

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Tamara Tyshkevich (URS) 16.59 m
Med 2.png  Galina Zybina (URS) 16.53 m
Med 3.png  Marianne Werner (EUA) 15.61 m
4.  Zinaida Doynikova (URS) 15.54 m
5.  Val Sloper (NZL) 15.34 m
6.  Earlene Brown (USA) 15.12 m
7.  Regina Branner (AUT) 14.60 m
8.  Nada Kotlusek (YUG) 14.56 m
9.  Milena Usenik (YUG) 14.49 m
10.  Jacqueline MacDonald (CAN) 14.31 m
11.  Johanna Luttge (EUA) 13.88 m
12.  Anne-Katrin Lafrenz (EUA) 13.72 m
13.  Valerie Lawrence (AUS) 13.12 m
14.  Lois Ann Testa (USA) 13.06 m
15.  Suzanne Allday (GBR) 12.71 m
 Paula Deubel (USA) DNQ
 Mary Breen (AUS) DNQ
 Margaret Woodlock (AUS) DNQ