Athletics at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 kilometres walk

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Men's 50 kilometres walk
at the Games of the XIX Olympiad
Venue Estadio Olímpico Universitario
Date October 17
Competitors 36 from 19 nations
Winning time 4:20:13.6
Gold medal    East Germany
Silver medal    Hungary
Bronze medal    United States
1964 1972
Athletics at the
1968 Summer Olympics
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The men's 50 kilometres race walk at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico was held on October 17.


Prior to this event, the world and Olympic records stood as follows:

World record  Gennadiy Agapov (URS) 3:55:36 Almaty, Soviet Union October 17, 1965
Olympic record  Abdon Pamich (ITA) 4:11:12 Tokyo, Japan October 18, 1964


Rank Athlete Nation Time
1st, gold medalist(s) Höhne, ChristophChristoph Höhne East Germany 4:20:13.6
2nd, silver medalist(s) Kiss, AntalAntal Kiss Hungary 4:30:17.0
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Young, LarryLarry Young United States 4:31:55.4
4 Selzer, PeterPeter Selzer East Germany 4:33:09.8
5 Lindberg, StigStig Lindberg Sweden 4:34:05.0
6 Visini, VittorioVittorio Visini Italy 4:36:33.2
7 Eley, BryanBryan Eley Great Britain 4:37:32.2
8 Pedraza, JoséJosé Pedraza Mexico 4:37:51.4
9 Merschenz, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz Merschenz Canada 4:37:57.4
10 Klopfer, GoetzGoetz Klopfer United States 4:39:13.8
11 Magnor, Horst-RüdigerHorst-Rüdiger Magnor West Germany 4:39:43.2
12 Clark, FrankFrank Clark Australia 4:40:13.8
13 Andersson, ÖrjanÖrjan Andersson Sweden 4:40:42.6
14 Weidner, GerhardGerhard Weidner West Germany 4:43:26.2
15 Grigoryev, SergeySergey Grigoryev Soviet Union 4:44:39.2
16 Sowa, CharlesCharles Sowa Luxembourg 4:44:45.2
17 Saito, KazuoKazuo Saito Japan 4:47:29.6
18 Lightman, ShaunShaun Lightman Great Britain 4:52:20.0
19 Gardiner, BobBob Gardiner Australia 4:52:29.0
20 Stütz, ErwinErwin Stütz Switzerland 4:53:33.8
21 Delerue, HenriHenri Delerue France 4:57:40.2
22 Rutyna, MieczysławMieczysław Rutyna Poland 4:58:03.8
23 Cappella, FelixFelix Cappella Canada 4:58:31.6
24 Ladany, ShaulShaul Ladany Israel 5:01:06.0
25 Colín, PabloPablo Colín Mexico 5:01:30.0
26 Romansky, DaveDave Romansky United States 5:38:03.4
27 Hernández, IsmaelIsmael Hernández Mexico 5:56:09.2
28 Cruz, RicardoRicardo Cruz El Salvador 5:56:22.0
Nermerich, BernhardBernhard Nermerich West Germany DSQ
Pamich, AbdonAbdon Pamich Italy DNF
Leuschke, BurkhardBurkhard Leuschke East Germany DNF
Agapov, GennadyGennady Agapov Soviet Union DNF
Della-Rossa, IhorIhor Della-Rossa Soviet Union DNF
Kelly, JohnJohn Kelly Ireland DNF
Nihill, PaulPaul Nihill Great Britain DNF
Ingvarsson, StefanStefan Ingvarsson Sweden DNF