Athletics at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Men's decathlon

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Men's Decathlon
at the Games of the XIX Olympiad
The exterior of the host stadium in Mexico City
Venue Estadio Olímpico Universitario, Mexico City
Dates 18 & 19 October
Competitors 33 from 20 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Bill Toomey
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Hans-Joachim Walde
 West Germany
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Kurt Bendlin
 West Germany
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Athletics at the
1968 Summer Olympics
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Track events
100 m   men   women
200 m men women
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men
5000 m men
10,000 m men
80 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
400 m hurdles men
3000 m
4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men
Road events
Marathon men
20 km walk men
50 km walk men
Field events
Long jump men women
Triple jump men
High jump men women
Pole vault men
Shot put men women
Discus throw men women
Javelin throw men women
Hammer throw men
Combined events
Pentathlon women
Decathlon men

The men's decathlon competition featured as part of the athletics programme at the 1968 Summer Olympics and was held at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario in Mexico City on 18 and 19 October.

American Bill Toomey won the gold medal with an Olympic record score of 8193 points. Two West German athletes, Hans-Joachim Walde and Kurt Bendlin, took the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

A total of 33 competitors from 20 nations entered the decathlon with 19 athletes managing to finish all events at the competition.[1]

The ten-event track and field competition used hand timing in the track events and was scored using the 1962 scoring method. The youngest competitor was Don Vélez (aged 20) and the oldest was Valbjörn Þorláksson (aged 34). The sixth-placer Tom Waddell, representing the United States, later went on to found the Gay Olympics.[1]


Date Round
Friday, 18 October 1968 100 metres
Long jump
Shot put
High jump
400 metres
Saturday, 19 October 1968 110 metres hurdles
Discus throw
Pole vault
Javelin throw
1500 metres

Overall summary[edit]

Rank Athlete Overall points 100 m LJ SP HJ 400 m 110 m H DT PV JT 1500 m
1st, gold medalist(s)  Toomey, BillBill Toomey (USA) 8193 '
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Walde, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim Walde (FRG) 8111 '
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Bendlin, KurtKurt Bendlin (FRG) 8064 '
4  Avilov, MykolaMykola Avilov (URS) 7909 '
5  Kirst, JoachimJoachim Kirst (GDR) 7861 '
6  Waddell, TomTom Waddell (USA) 7719 '
7  Sloan, RickRick Sloan (USA) 7692 '
8  Smidt-Jensen, SteenSteen Smidt-Jensen (DEN) 7648 '
9  de Noorlander, EdEd de Noorlander (NED) 7554 '
10  Tiedtke, ManfredManfred Tiedtke (GDR) 7551 '
11  Hedmark, LennartLennart Hedmark (SWE) 7481 '
12  Dießl, WalterWalter Dießl (AUT) 7465 '
13  Longe, CliveClive Longe (GBR) 7338 '
14  Ah-Min, WuWu Ah-Min (TPE) 7209 '
15  Dzhurov, SpasSpas Dzhurov (BUL) 7173 '
16  Lespagnard, RogerRoger Lespagnard (BEL) 7125 '
17  Trautmann, UrsUrs Trautmann (SUI) 7044 '
18  Biedermann, FranzFranz Biedermann (LIE) 6323 '
19  Vélez, DonDon Vélez (NCA) 5943 '
N/A  Lanka, JānisJānis Lanka (URS) DNF (7227) '
N/A  Herunter, GertGert Herunter (AUT) DNF '
N/A  Kunz, HansruediHansruedi Kunz (SUI) DNF '
N/A  Anyamah, CharlemagneCharlemagne Anyamah (FRA) DNF '
N/A  Carmona, RobertoRoberto Carmona (MEX) DNF '
N/A  Þorláksson, ValbjörnValbjörn Þorláksson (ISL) DNF '
N/A  Wessel, HerbertHerbert Wessel (GDR) DNF '
N/A  Chuan-Show, ChenChen Chuan-Show (TPE) DNF '
N/A  Aun, ReinRein Aun (URS) DNF '
N/A  Phươc, Ho HenhHo Henh Phươc (VNM) DNF '
N/A  Mandl, HorstHorst Mandl (AUT) DNF '
N/A  Rakotorahalahy, DominiqueDominique Rakotorahalahy (MAD) DNF '
N/A  von Moltke, WernerWerner von Moltke (FRG) DNF '
N/A  Duttweiler, WernerWerner Duttweiler (SUI) DNF '


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