Athletics at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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Men's 20 kilometres walk
at the Games of the XXII Olympiad
VenueCentral Lenin Stadium
DateJuly 24
Competitors34 from 20 nations
Winning time1:23:35.5
1st, gold medalist(s) Maurizio Damilano
2nd, silver medalist(s) Pyotr Pochenchuk
 Soviet Union
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Roland Wieser
 East Germany
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The Men's 20 km Race Walk at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, USSR had an entrylist of 34 competitors. Seven athletes were disqualified and two did not finish in the final, which was held on Thursday, 24 July 1980.

The race occurred on a very hot and humid day in the Grand Arena of Central Lenin Stadium. The defending champion of the Montreal summer games, Daniel Bautista of Mexico, led along with Soviet Anatoly Solomin for the majority of the race. However, Bautista was disqualified less than two kilometres from the finish and Solomin a few 100 metres later. There were a total of 136 caution flags and seven disqualifications during the course of the race.[1]

In what was considered a major upset, Maurizio Damilano of Italy won the gold with a finishing time of 1-23:35.5, over a minute faster than silver medalist Pyotr Pochinchuk of Belarus, competing for the USSR. Roland Wieser took the bronze for East Germany, the country with the second highest medal at these Olympics after the USSR.[1]

Also notable was 18-year-old Thipsamay Chanthaphone, who was competing for Laos in its first Olympic appearance, and came in 25th place, officially completing the 20 kilometres at 2-20:22.0 during the medal ceremony, almost an hour after Damilano‘s finish and a half hour after 24th place. [2]


Gold Maurizio Damilano
Silver Pyotr Pochenchuk
 Soviet Union
Bronze Roland Wieser
 East Germany


Med 1.png  Maurizio Damilano (ITA) 1:23:35.5
Med 2.png  Pyotr Pochenchuk (URS) 1:24:45.4
Med 3.png  Roland Wieser (GDR) 1:25:58.2
4.  Yevgeniy Yevsyukov (URS) 1:26:28.3
5.  Josep Marín (ESP) 1:26:45.6
6.  Raúl González (MEX) 1:27:48.6
7.  Bohdan Bułakowski (POL) 1:28:36.3
8.  Karl-Heinz Stadtmüller (GDR) 1:29:21.7
9.  Reima Salonen (FIN) 1:31:32.0
10.  Roger Mills (GBR) 1:32:37.8
11.  Giorgio Damilano (ITA) 1:33:26.2
12.  János Szálas (HUN) 1:34:10.5
13.  Alf Brandt (SWE) 1:34:44.0
14.  Pavol Blažek (TCH) 1:35:30.8
15.  Aristidis Karageorgos (GRE) 1:36:53.4
16.  Hunde Toure (ETH) 1:37:16.6
17.  Enrique Peña (COL) 1:38:00.0
18.  Ranjit Singh (IND) 1:38:27.2
19.  Ernesto Alfaro (COL) 1:42:19.7
20.  Jozef Pribilinec (TCH) 1:42:52.4
21.  Martin Toporek (AUT) 1:44:56.0
22.  Johann Siegele (AUT) 1:45:17.8
23.  Tekeste Mitiku (ETH) 1:45:45.7
24.  Stefano Casali (SMR) 1:49:21.3
25.  Thipsamay Chanthaphone (LAO) 2:20:22.0
 Lucien Faber (LUX) DNF
 Wilfried Siegele (AUT) DNF
 Anatoliy Solomin (URS) DSQ
 Daniel Bautista (MEX) DSQ
 Bo Gustafsson (SWE) DSQ
 David Smith (AUS) DSQ
 Domingo Colín (MEX) DSQ
 Werner Heyer (GDR) DSQ
 Juraj Benčík (TCH) DSQ

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