Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Women's 10,000 metres

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Athletics at the
1988 Summer Olympics
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The Women's 10,000m at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea had an entrylist of 42 competitors ( eight were non-starters ), with two qualifying heats (42) before the final (20) took place on Friday September 30, 1988.

World record holder Ingrid Kristiansen set the Olympic record in the heats. In the final, she let Olga Bondarenko and Nancy Tinari cruise through 79 second laps, marked by Liz McColgan. A turn after 5 laps, wearing her white gloves, Kristiansen exploded to a 74-second lap, followed by a 69-second lap. The field strung out, only Kathrin Ullrich tried to stay with her, even McColgan held off the fast early pace. Suddenly at the end of the seventh lap, Kristiansen made a left turn and stepped off the track. With gone Ullrich led a breakaway of McColgan, Bondarenko and Yelena Zhupiyeva, 20 metres up on the pack. The gap only grew as the leaders pulled away. Ullrich was the first to drop off with McColgan holding the lead marked by the two Soviets. Over the last two kilometers McColgan kept increasing the pace trying to burn off them off, finally with three laps to go, Zhupiyeva began to crack and drop off. Bondarenko showed the strain but would not go away. With 200 metres to go, Bondarenko sprinted by McColgan. McColgan was unable to change gears and the race was over. Bondarenko had 15 metres over McColgan by the finish, another 60 metres back to Zhupiyeva.


This was the standing World record (in minutes) prior to the 1988 Summer Olympics.

World Record 30:13.74 Norway Ingrid Kristiansen Oslo (NOR) July 5, 1986

The following Olympic records (in minutes) were set during this competition.

Date Athlete Time OR WR
September 26, 1988  Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) 31:44.69 OR
September 30, 1988  Olga Bondarenko (URS) 31:05.21 OR


Med 1.png  Olga Bondarenko (URS) 31:05.21(OR)
Med 2.png  Liz McColgan (GBR) 31:08.44
Med 3.png  Yelena Zhupiyeva (URS) 31:19.82
4.  Kathrin Ullrich (GDR) 31:29.27
5.  Francie Larrieu-Smith (USA) 31:35.52
6.  Lynn Jennings (USA) 31:39.93
7.  Xiuting Wang (CHN) 31:40.23
8.  Sue French-Lee (CAN) 31:50.51
9.  Albertina Machado (POR) 32:02.13
10.  Albertina Dias (POR) 32:07.13
11.  Anne Audain (NZL) 32:10.47
12.  Lyudmila Matveyeva (URS) 32:12.27
13.  Nancy Tinari (CAN) 32:14.05
14.  Rosanna Munerotto (ITA) 32:29.84
15.  Lynn Nelson (USA) 32:32.24
16.  Carole Rouillard (CAN) 32:41.43
17.  Carolyn Schuwalow (AUS) 32:45.07
18.  Qinghuan Wang (CHN) 32:49.86
19.  Annette Sergent (FRA) 33:17.38
 Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) DNF


21.  Marleen Renders (BEL) 32:11.49
22.  Akemi Matsuno (JPN) 32:19.57
23.  Christine McMiken (NZL) 32:20.39
24.  Martine Bouchonneau-Oppliger (SUI) 32:28.26
25.  Ana Isabel Alonso (ESP) 32:40.50
26.  Jane Shields (GBR) 32:46.07
27.  Andri Avraam (CYP) 32:59.30
28.  Elhassania Darami (MAR) 33:01.52
29.  Angela Tooby (GBR) 33:26.57
30.  Lihua Xie (CHN) 33:28.13
31.  Jacqueline Perkins (AUS) 33:45.22
32.  Chung Mi-Ja (KOR) 33:48.96
33.  Lieve Slegers (BEL) 33:51.36
 Erika Fazekas (HUN) DNF
 Päivi Tikkanen (FIN) DNS
 Mar Mar Min (BIR) DNS
 Danièle Kaber (LUX) DNS
 Kerstin Preßler (FRG) DNS
 Ludmila Melicherová (TCH) DNS
 Wanda Panfil (POL) DNS
 Maryse Justin (MRI) DNS
 Tuija Jousimaa (FIN) DNS

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