Athletics at the 1991 Mediterranean Games

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Athletics at the XI Mediterranean Games
Olympic flame at opening ceremony.jpg
The host stadium later held the 2004 Olympic Games
Host cityAthens, Greece
Main stadiumOlympic Stadium
Participation15 nations
Records set22 Games records

At the 1991 Mediterranean Games, the athletics events were held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. A total of 38 events were contested, of which 23 by male and 15 by female athletes. An exhibition heptathlon also took place, with Algeria's Yasmina Azzizi being the only athlete to compete. Several hundred athletes from fourteen Mediterranean nations took part in the competition.

Nine nations reached the medal table, with eight of them having an athlete top the podium. Italy was dominant, taking eleven gold medals and 38 overall. France was a clear second with nine golds from a haul of 25 medals. Algeria won the next highest number of golds (five), while Spain had the third largest overall medals with thirteen. Morocco also performed well (four golds and twelve in total) as did the host nation Greece (three golds and eleven overall).[1] A total of 22 games records were broken in Athens – this was over half of the event programme and only five field event records were unbeaten by the end of the tournament.[2]

Hassiba Boulmerka won a middle-distance double and went on to win the 1500 metres at the World Championships a month later. Fabienne Ficher was runner-up in the 200 metres but she added two golds to her tally through victories in the relays with the French team. Ezio Madonia won the men's 100 metres and anchored the Italian team to a second gold in the 4×100 metres relay. Italy's Agnese Maffeis broke the games record in the discus throw and also won the shot put silver medal. Paraskevi Patoulidou played a role in three of Greece's medals, taking the women's 100 m gold, silver in the 100 metres hurdles and a bronze in the 4×100 m relay.[2]

Three former Olympic champions featured in Italy's team (Maurizio Damilano, Alessandro Andrei, and Gabriella Dorio). Damilano, who set a games record, won the men's 20 kilometres walk title at that year's world championships, while men's steeplechase winner Azzedine Brahmi became a world bronze medallist in his event. Brahim Boutayeb, the reigning Olympic champion in the 10,000 metres, took the world 5000 metres bronze after his games record performance in Athens.

The games proved a launching point for many less-established athletes: the 1992 Barcelona Olympics saw Mediterranean medallists Boulmerka, Patoulidou, Khalid Skah and Daniel Plaza win an Olympic gold medal. The 1500 m runner-up Rachid El Basir repeated his placing there. Women's 400 m hurdles winner Nezha Bidouane went on to become a two-time world champion and 1500 m champion Gennaro Di Napoli later had two wins at the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

Medal summary[edit]

For event details see Athletics at the 1991 Mediterranean Games – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Ezio Madonia (ITA) 10.27  Yiannis Zisimides (CYP) 10.41  Cengiz Kavaklıoğlu (TUR) 10.44
200 metres  Stefano Tilli (ITA) 20.73  Miguel Ángel Gómez (ESP) 20.76  Sandro Floris (ITA) 20.96
400 metres  Olivier Noirot (FRA) 45.41  Fabio Grossi (ITA) 45.93  Abdelali Kasbane (MAR) 45.9
800 metres  Réda Abdenouz (ALG) 1:47.62  Luis Javier González (ESP) 1:47.84  Tonino Viali (ITA) 1:47.86
1500 metres  Gennaro Di Napoli (ITA) 3:42.80  Rachid El Basir (MAR) 3:43.06  Zeki Öztürk (TUR) 3:43.22
5000 metres  Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) 13:29.64 GR  Khalid Skah (MAR) 13:30.00  Antonio Martins (FRA) 13:38.08
10,000 metres  Hammou Boutayeb (MAR) 28:24.19 GR  Francesco Bennici (ITA) 28:38.19  Khalid Boulami (MAR) 28:52.84
110 metres hurdles  Dan Philibert (FRA) 13.56 GR  Carlos Sala (ESP) 13.64  Fausto Frigerio (ITA) 13.72
400 metres hurdles  Stéphane Caristan (FRA) 49.27 GR  Fabrizio Mori (ITA) 49.85  Mauro Maurizi (ITA) 50.05
3000 metres steeplechase  Azzedine Brahmi (ALG) 8:21.58  Alessandro Lambruschini (ITA) 8:22.95  Abdelaziz Sahere (MAR) 8:24.15
4×100 metres relay  Italy (ITA)
Mario Longo
Carlo Simionato
Sandro Floris
Ezio Madonia
39.18  Spain (ESP)
Juan Trapero
Enrique Talavera
Miguel Ángel Gómez
Luis Turon
39.39  France (FRA)
Antoine Richard
Eric Perrot
Olivier Théophile
Pascal Théophile
4×400 metres relay  Italy (ITA)
Marco Vaccari
Alessandro Aimar
Fabio Grossi
Andrea Nuti
3:03.20 GR  Yugoslavia (YUG)
Dejan Jovković
Nenad Đurović
Ismail Mačev
Slobodan Brankovic
3:03.74  Morocco (MAR)
Abdelail Kasbane
Ali Dahane
Bouchaib Belkaid
Benyounés Lahlou
Marathon  Salah Qoqaiche (MAR) 2:20:26  Gianluigi Curreli (ITA) 2:20:54  Christos Sotiropoulos (GRE) 2:24:54
20 km walk  Maurizio Damilano (ITA) 1:22:48 GR  Daniel Plaza (ESP) 1:23:51  Olegario Regidor (ESP) 1:26:45
High jump  Othmane Belfaa (ALG) 2.28 m GR  Luca Toso (ITA) 2.26 m  Fabrizio Borellini (ITA) 2.26 m
Pole vault  Philippe d'Encausse (FRA) 5.60 m GR  Jean-Marc Tailhardat (FRA) 5.60 m  Marco Andreini (ITA) 5.50 m
Long jump  Kostas Koukodimos (GRE) 8.26 m GR  Fausto Frigerio (ITA) 8.15 m (w)  Giovanni Evangelisti (ITA) 7.89 m
Triple jump  Marios Hadjiandreou (CYP) 17.13 m GR  Alex Norca (FRA) 16.74 m  Lotfi Khaïda (ALG) 16.64 m
Shot put  Alessandro Andrei (ITA) 19.38 m  Luciano Zerbini (ITA) 19.25 m  Luc Viudès (FRA) 19.05 m
Discus throw  Luciano Zerbini (ITA) 60.10 m  Marco Martino (ITA) 59.82 m  David Martinez (ESP) 59.16 m
Hammer throw  Raphaël Piolanti (FRA) 75.10 m GR  Enrico Sgrulletti (ITA) 74.78 m  Savvas Saritzoglou (GRE) 70.06 m
Javelin throw
(new model)
 Julián Sotelo (ESP) 76.04 m GR  Fabio De Gaspari (ITA) 73.10 m  Charlus Bertimon (FRA) 72.52 m
Decathlon  Saša Karan (YUG) 7771 pts GR  Alper Kasapoğlu (TUR) 7650 pts  Efthimios Andreoglou (GRE) 7513 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Paraskevi Patoulidou (GRE) 11.48  Maguy Nestoret (FRA) 11.50  Magali Simioneck (FRA) 11.53
200 metres  Marisa Masullo (ITA) 23.21 GR  Fabienne Ficher (FRA) 23.40  Valérie Jean-Charles (FRA) 23.52
400 metres  Julia Merino (ESP) 51.88 GR  Véronique Poulain (FRA) 52.85  Francine Landre (FRA) 53.43
800 metres  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG) 2:01.27  Frédérique Quentin (FRA) 2:01.51  Nadia Falvo (ITA) 2:02.58
1500 metres  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG) 4:08.17  Irini Theodoridou (GRE) 4:10.30  Gabriella Dorio (ITA) 4:10.63
3000 metres  Roberta Brunet (ITA) 8:45.68 GR  Nadia Dandolo (ITA) 8:46.94  Amina Maanaoui (MAR) 9:22.94
100 metres hurdles  Anne Piquereau (FRA) 12.88 GR  Paraskevi Patoulidou (GRE) 12.96  María José Mardomingo (ESP) 13.34
400 metres hurdles  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 55.13 GR  Irmgard Trojer (ITA) 55.42  Nadia Zatouani (MAR) 57.57
4×100 metres relay  France (FRA)
Magali Simioneck
Maguy Nestoret
Fabienne Ficher
Valérie Jean-Charles
43.66  Italy (ITA)
Marisa Masullo
Donatella Dal Bianco
Daniela Ferrian
Rossella Tarolo
43.67  Greece (GRE)
Ekaterini Koffa
Marina Vasarmidou
Paraskevi Patoulidou
4×400 metres relay  France (FRA)
Elsa Devassoigne
Véronique Poulain
Francine Landre
Fabienne Ficher
3:31.00 GR  Italy (ITA)
Roberta Rabaioli
Johanna Zuddas
Barbara Martinelli
Cosetta Campana
3:33.68  Spain (ESP)
Idoia Granda
Gregoria Ferrer
Amaia Andres
Esther Lahoz
High jump  Isabelle Chevallier (FRA) 1.90 m  Niki Gavera (GRE) 1.87 m  Niki Bakoyianni (GRE) 1.87 m
Long jump  Tamara Malešev (YUG) 6.60 m GR  Valentina Uccheddu (ITA) 6.52 m  Isabel López (ESP) 6.14 m
Shot put  Margarita Ramos (ESP) 17.71 m  Agnese Maffeis (ITA) 17.46 m  Mara Rosolen (ITA) 15.95 m
Discus throw  Agnese Maffeis (ITA) 59.46 m GR  Isabelle Devaluez (FRA) 56.14 m  Agnès Teppe (FRA) 55.80 m
Javelin throw
(old model)
 Anna Verouli (GRE) 60.34 m  Nadine Auzeil (FRA) 54.82 m  Aysel Taş (TUR) 54.34 m
(exhibition event)
 Yasmina Azzizi (ALG) 6114 pts GR Only one participant

Medal table[edit]

  *   Host nation (Italy)

1 Italy*11171038
2 France98825
3 Algeriadagger5016
4 Morocco42612
5 Spain35513
6 Greece33511
7 Yugoslavia2103
8 Cyprus1102
9 Turkey0134
Totals (9 nations)383838114
  • Excludes Yasmina Azzizi's gold in the heptathlon, as this was an exhibition event only.


Fifteen of the eighteen nations present at the 1991 edition of the games entered athletes into the athletics competition. Lebanon, Libya and Malta did not send any track and field athletes.[1]


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