Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's long jump

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Athletics at the
1992 Summer Olympics
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These are the official results of the women's long jump event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total of 35 participating athletes and one non starter.

6.75 metres to reach final or best 12.


Gold Heike Drechsler
Silver Inessa Kravets
 Unified Team
Bronze Jackie Joyner-Kersee
 United States


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
OR olympic record
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World Record 7.52 Soviet Union Galina Chistyakova Leningrad (URS) June 11, 1988
Olympic Record 7.40 United States Jackie Joyner-Kersee Seoul (KOR) September 29, 1988


Med 1.png  Heike Drechsler (GER) 7.14 m
Med 2.png  Inessa Kravets (EUN) 7.12 m
Med 3.png  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 7.07 m
4.  Mirela Dulgheru (ROM) 6.71 m
5.  Irina Mushailova (EUN) 6.68 m
6.  Sharon Couch (USA) 6.66 m
7.  Sheila Echols (USA) 6.62 m
8.  Susen Tiedtke (GER) 6.60 m
9.  Flora Hyacinth (ISV) 6.52 m
10.  Agata Karczmarek (POL) 6.41 m
11.  Renata Nielsen (DEN) 6.06 m
DSQ  Nijolė Medvedeva (LTU) 6.76 m (4th)


  • All athletes ( excluding top six ) promoted one place after drugs disqualification of Nijole Medvedeva
1. A  Heike Drechsler (GER) 7.08 m
2. B  Irina Mushailova (EUN) 6.86 m
3. A  Mirela Dulgheru (ROM) 6.83 m
4. B  Inessa Kravets (EUN) 6.79 m
5. B  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 6.75 m
6. B  Susen Tiedtke (GER) 6.74 m
7. A  Flora Hyacinth (ISV) 6.71 m
8. A  Sharon Couch (USA) 6.64 m
9. B  Renata Nielsen (DEN) 6.63 m
10. B  Sheila Echols (USA) 6.55 m
11. A  Agata Karczmarek (POL) 6.55 m
12. A  Ljudmila Ninova-Rudoll (AUT) 6.53 m
13. B  Ringa Ropa-Junnila (FIN) 6.52 m
14. A  Yang Juan (CHN) 6.49 m
15. B  Marieta Ilcu (ROM) 6.46 m
16. B  Liu Shuzhen (CHN) 6.44 m
17. B  Karen Botha (RSA) 6.43 m
18. B  Antonella Capriotti (ITA) '6.43 m
19. A  Helga Radtke (GER) 6.42 m
20. B  Jackie Edwards (BAH) 6.40 m
21. A  Valentina Uccheddu (ITA) 6.40 m
22. A  Tamara Malešev (IOP) 6.35 m
23. B  Olyinka Idowu (GBR) 6.29 m
24. A  Dionne Rose (JAM) 6.22 m
25. A  Li Yong-Ae (PRK) 6.17 m
26. B  Joanne Wise (GBR) 5.87 m
27. B  Natalia Toledo (PAR) 5.73 m
28. B  Sonia Agbessi (BEN) 5.63 m
29. A  Eunice Barber (SLE) 5.55 m
A  Larisa Bereznaya (EUN) NM
B  Diane Guthrie-Gresham (JAM) NM
A  Rita Ináncsi (HUN) NM
A  Fiona May (GBR) NM
B  Nicole Staines (AUS) NM
A  Muyebg Mabala (ZAI) DNS
DISQ B  Nijole Medvedeva (LTU) 6.71 m (7th)

Note: Guthrie-Gresham, Inancsi and Staines all had three fouls, while both Bereznaya and May had one foul before withdrawing from the rest of the competition due to injury.

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