Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's 5000 metres

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These are the official results of the men's 5000 metres at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The event took place between 31 July and 3 August.


Gold Venuste Niyongabo
Silver Paul Bitok
Bronze Khalid Boulami


After a diverse semi-final round where one heat ran a modes 14 minute strategic race and the other ran over thirty seconds faster, some athletes had an easier time of qualifying for the final.

At the gun, the entire Moroccan team went to the front, but then controlled the pace. After a lap at the back of the pack, Kenyan Tom Nyariki ran around the field to take the lead. German Dieter Baumann hung on his shoulder as it looked like an early attempt to steal the race with a quick breakaway. Several others in the field scrambled forward while Nyariki, shadowed by his teammate Shem Kororia pushed the pace, exchanging the lead position and stringing out the field into single file. Home team American Bob Kennedy marked this action hovering around second place to the thrill of the crowd. With four laps to go, after an exchange of Kenyan leaders, Burundi's Vénuste Niyongabo moved into second place, squeezing back Kennedy into third. Over the next lap, Nyariki and Moroccan Brahim Lahlafi got past Kennedy. Just before two laps to go, Kennedy ran around the group and into the lead. Kennedy led for the first 300 metres of the penultimate lap before Niyongabo passed him coming off the turn, followed by the designated kickers who had protected their interests at the back of the pack; Paul Bitok (Kenya), Khalid Boulami (Morocco) and Baumann. But as one of the fastest 1500 meter runners in the world at the time, Niyongabo had the position and more speed, opening up a 5 metre gap on Boulami. At the beginning of the final turn, Bitok got around Boulami and everybody sprinted for home. Nobody was able to make any progress except that Niyongabo slowed on the final straight to celebrate Burundi's first gold medal.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics.

World Record 12:44.39 Ethiopia Haile Gebrselassie Zürich (SUI) August 16, 1995
Olympic Record 13:05.59 Morocco Saïd Aouita Los Angeles (USA) August 11, 1984

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Venuste Niyongabo (BDI) 13:07.96 14:03.48 13:54.53
Med 2.png  Paul Bitok (KEN) 13:08.16 13:27.61 13:54.45
Med 3.png  Khalid Boulami (MAR) 13:08.37 13:29.72 13:54.72
4.  Dieter Baumann (GER) 13:08.81 14:03.75 13:52.00
5.  Tom Nyariki (KEN) 13:12.29 14:03.21 13:51.47
6.  Bob Kennedy (USA) 13:12.35 13:27.90 13:54.57
7.  Enrique Molina (ESP) 13:12.91 14:04.08 13:51.55
8.  Brahim Lahlafi (MAR) 13:13.26 13:27.73 13:51.25
9.  Shem Kororia (KEN) 13:14.63 13:27.50 14:02.75
10.  Fita Bayissa (ETH) 13:18.30 13:30.88 13:50.61
11.  Ismaïl Sghyr (MAR) 13:22.89 14:04.23 14:02.71
12.  Gennaro Di Napoli (ITA) 13:28.36 13:28.80 14:03.56
13.  Reda Benzine (ALG) 13:42.34 13:37.52 14:03.06
14.  Stephane Franke (GER) 13:44.64 13:40.94 14:06.34
15.  Aissa Belaout (ALG) 14:06.52 14:04.56 13:51.96


 Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) 13:47.81 13:52.56
 Anacleto Jiménez (ESP) 13:50.90 14:16.57
 Miroslav Vanko (SVK) 13:51.45 13:54.88
 John Morapedi (RSA) 13:54.43 13:54.30
 Shaun Creighton (AUS) 13:55.23 14:04.08
 Assefa Mezgebu (ETH) 14:05.48 13:54.89
 Stefano Baldini (ITA) 14:06.45 13:55.41
 John Nuttall (GBR) 14:08.39 13:52.16
 Cormac Finnerty (IRL) 14:08.88 13:54.01
 Khmees Abdalla Seif Eldin (SUD) DNQ 14:15.21
 José Ramos (POR) 14:24.81 14:17.26
 Shadrack Hoff (RSA) 14:16.14 14:05.97
 Jim Spivey (USA) 14:27.72 13:53.16
 Julian Paynter (AUS) 14:23.60 14:00.25
 Adalberto García (BRA) DNQ 14:28.64
 Manuel Pancorbo (ESP) 14:39.64 13:57.42
 Sid'Ahmed Ould Mohamedou (MTN) DNQ 15:29.16
 Henry Moyo (MAW) DNQ 14:30.53
 Matt Giusto (USA) DNQ 14:30.76
 William Roldán (COL) DNQ 14:39.50
 Aboukar Hassan Adani (SOM) DNQ 15:19.80
 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) - DNS
 Armando Quintanilla (MEX) - DNS
 Luis Jesus (POR) - DNS
 Aloys Nizigama (BDI) - DNS
 Alyan al-Qahtani (KSA) - DNS

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