Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's pole vault

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Athletics at the
1996 Summer Olympics
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These are the official results of the Men's Pole Vault event at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

By this competition, Sergey Bubka had already pushed the world record to its current state and was the overwhelming favorite to win. But continuing his Olympic curse, Bubka came into the competition with a heel injury and did not make an attempt. To add further injury, his brother Vasiliy Bubka was one of seven athletes unable to clear a height in qualifying.

In the final, returning silver medalist Igor Trandenkov was the first to clear 5.92 on his first attempt which would have been his only attempt because he had two misses at 5.86, but Jean Galfione equaled that moments later. Galfione had only one miss earlier in the competition, while Trandenkov had the two. That proved the difference, Galfione taking gold while Trandenkov was relegated to a second straight silver. Andrei Tivontchik cleared 5.92 on his second attempt to take bronze.


Gold Jean Galfione
Silver Igor Trandenkov
Bronze Andrei Tivontchik


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics.

World Record 6.14 Ukraine Sergey Bubka Sestriere (ITA) July 31, 1994
Olympic Record 5.90 Soviet Union Sergey Bubka Seoul (KOR) September 28, 1988

All three medalists set a new Olympic record. At first Igor Trandenkov, followed by Jean Galfione and Andrei Tivontchik.


Med 1.png  Jean Galfione (FRA) 5.92 m =OR
Med 2.png  Igor Trandenkov (RUS) 5.92 m OR
Med 3.png  Andrei Tivontchik (GER) 5.92 m =OR
4.  Igor Potapovich (KAZ) 5.86 m
5.  Pyotr Bochkaryov (RUS) 5.86 m
6.  Dmitriy Markov (BLR) 5.86 m
7.  Tim Lobinger (GER) 5.80 m
8.  Lawrence Johnson (USA) 5.70 m
9.  Alain Andji (FRA) 5.70 m
 Michael Stolle (GER) 5.70 m
11.  Jeff Hartwig (USA) 5.60 m
 Danny Krasnov (ISR) 5.60 m
13.  Scott Huffman (USA) 5.60 m
14.  Riaan Botha (RSA) 5.60 m


 José Manuel Arcos (ESP) 5.60 m
 Heikki Vaaraniemi (FIN) 5.60 m
 Jim Miller (AUS) 5.60 m
 Viktor Chistyakov (RUS) 5.60 m
 Nuno Fernandes (POR) 5.60 m
 Konstantin Semyonov (ISR) 5.40 m
 Laurens Looije (NED) 5.40 m
 Neil Winter (GBR) 5.40 m
 Edgar Díaz (PUR) 5.40 m
 Nick Buckfield (GBR) 5.40 m
 Javier García (ESP) 5.40 m
 Kim Chul-Kyun (KOR) 5.40 m
 Martin Voss (DEN) 5.40 m
 Aleksandrs Obižajevs (LAT) 5.40 m
 Alexandru Jucov (MDA) 5.20 m
 Teruyasu Yonekura (JPN) 5.20 m
 Simon Arkell (AUS) NM
 Valeri Bukrejev (EST) NM
 Dominic Johnson (LCA) NM
 Okkert Brits (RSA) NM
 Vasiliy Bubka (UKR) NM
 Juan Gabriel Concepción (ESP) NM
 Kersley Gardenne (MRI) NM
 Sergey Bubka (UKR) DNS