Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Women's high jump

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Athletics at the
1996 Summer Olympics
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These are the official results of the Women's High Jump event at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. There were a total of 32 participating athletes, with two non-starters. The qualification round mark was set at 1.93 metres.


Gold Stefka Kostadinova
Silver Niki Bakogianni
Bronze Inha Babakova

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.05 m
Med 2.png  Niki Bakogianni (GRE) 2.03 m
Med 3.png  Inha Babakova (UKR) 2.01 m
4.  Yelena Gulyayeva (RUS) 1.99 m
5.  Alina Astafei (GER) 1.96 m
 Tatyana Motkova (RUS)
 Nele Zilinskiene (LTU)
8.  Hanne Haugland (NOR) 1.96 m
9.  Britta Bilač (SLO) 1.93 m
 Tisha Waller (USA)
11.  Olga Bolşova (MDA) 1.93 m
 Zuzana Kováčiková (CZE)
13.  Svetlana Zalevskaya (KAZ) 1.93 m
DISQ.  Antonella Bevilacqua (ITA) (1.99 m)*

* In May 1996, Antonella Bevilacqua twice tested positive for ephedrine which carried the penalty of a three-month ban. The IAAF decided to put the case to arbitration and allow her to compete in Atlanta, where she placed 4th. However, after the Olympics the IAAF decided she was guilty of a doping offence and annulled her results from May onwards, including her Olympic performance.


14th  Tatyana Khramova (BLR) 1.90 m
15th  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) 1.90 m
16th  Lea Haggett (GBR) 1.90 m
17th  Ioamnet Quintero (CUB) 1.90 m
18th  Connie Teaberry (USA) 1.90 m
19th  Sieglinde Cadusch (SUI) 1.85 m
 Debbie Marti (GBR) 1.85 m
 Yuliya Lyakhova (RUS) 1.85 m
 Vita Styopina (UKR) 1.85 m
23rd  Inna Gliznuta (MDA) 1.85 m
24th  Amy Acuff (USA) 1.85 m
 Alica Javadová (SVK) 1.85 m
26th  Natasha Alleyne (TRI) 1.85 m
27th  Juana Arrendel (DOM) 1.80 m
28th  Svetlana Munkova (UZB) 1.80 m
29th  Irene Tiendrebeogo (BUR) 1.80 m
 Venelina Veneva (BUL) 1.80 m
 Alison Inverarity (AUS) NM
 Coralea Cline (IVB) DNS
 Sigrid Kirchmann (AUT) DNS
  • NM = no mark
  • Alison Inverarity failed three times at her opening height of 1.85 m.

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