Athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women's 4 × 100 metres relay

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Women's 4 x 100 metres relay
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Venue Athens Olympic Stadium
Dates 26–27 August
Competitors 65 from 16 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
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Athletics at the
2004 Summer Olympics
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The women's 4×100 metres relay was one of 23 track events of the athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics, in Athens. It was contested at the Athens Olympic Stadium, from August 26 to August 27, by a total of sixteen national teams comprising 65 athletes.

The sixteen teams competed in a two-heat qualifying round in which the first three teams from each heat, together with the next two fastest teams, were given a place in the final race.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Jamaica (JAM)
Tayna Lawrence
Sherone Simpson
Aleen Bailey
Veronica Campbell
Beverly McDonald*
 Russia (RUS)
Olga Fyodorova
Yuliya Tabakova
Irina Khabarova
Larisa Kruglova
 France (FRA)
Véronique Mang
Muriel Hurtis
Sylviane Félix
Christine Arron

* Athletes who participated in the heats only and received medals.


The Olympic qualification period for the athletics' relay events ran from January 1, 2003 to July 21, 2004. A National Olympic Committee (NOC) could enter a maximum of one qualified relay team per relay event, with a maximum of six qualified athletes. For this event, an NOC would be invited to participate with a relay team if the average of the team's two best times — obtained in IAAF-sanctioned meetings or tournaments — would be among the best sixteen, at the end of this period.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics.

World Record 41.37 East Germany Silke Gladisch
East Germany Sabine Rieger
East Germany Ingrid Auerswald
East Germany Marlies Göhr
Canberra (AUS) October 6, 1985
Olympic Record 41.60 East Germany Romy Müller
East Germany Bärbel Wöckel
East Germany Ingrid Auerswald
East Germany Marlies Göhr
Moscow (URS) August 1, 1980


All times are shown in seconds. The following abbreviations are used:

  • Q denotes qualification by place
  • q denotes qualification by time
  • DNF denotes "did not finish"
  • NR denotes "national record"
  • SB denotes "season best"

Round 1[edit]

First 3 in each heat(Q) and the next 2 fastest(q) advance to the Final.

Rank Heat Lane Nation Competitors Results Notes
1 1 1 United States LaTasha Colander, Lauryn Williams, Marion Jones, Angela Williams 41.67 Q, =SB
2 2 4 Russia Larisa Kruglova, Irina Khabarova, Yuliya Tabakova, Olga Fyodorova 42.12 Q, SB
3 2 1 Jamaica Aleen Bailey, Beverly McDonald, Sherone Simpson, Tayna Lawrence 42.20 Q, SB
4 2 8 France Christine Arron, Sylviane Félix, Muriel Hurtis, Véronique Mang 42.98 Q
5 2 2 Nigeria Endurance Ojokolo, Oludamola Osayomi, Mercy Nku, Gloria Kemasuode 43.00 q, SB
6 1 6 Bahamas Debbie Ferguson, Shandria Brown, Chandra Sturrup, Tamicka Clarke 43.02 Q, SB
7 2 5 Belarus Aksana Drahun, Alena Neumiarzhitskaya, Natallia Safronnikava, Yulia Nestsiarenka 43.06 q
8 1 4 Belgium Kim Gevaert, Élodie Ouédraogo, Lien Huyghebaert, Katleen De Caluwé 43.08 Q, NR
9 1 3 Brazil Luciana dos Santos, Rosemar Coelho Neto, Lucimar de Moura, Kátia Regina Santos 43.12
10 1 2 Colombia Norma González, Digna Murillo, Felipa Palacios, Melisa Murillo 43.30
11 2 3 Cuba Miladis Lazo, Ana Lopez, Roxana Díaz, Virgen Benavides 43.60
12 1 8 Germany Katja Wakan, Birgit Rockmeier, Marion Wagner, Sina Schielke 43.64 SB
13 1 5 Ukraine Zhanna Block, Tetyana Tkalich, Maryna Maydanova, Iryna Kozhemyakina 43.77
14 1 7 Greece Maria Karastamati, Marina Vasarmidou, Effrosíni Patsoú, Georgia Kokloni 44.45 SB
15 2 6 Netherlands Annemarie Kramer, Pascal van Assendelft, Jacqueline Poelman, Joan van den Akker DNF
15 2 7 Trinidad and Tobago Ayanna Hutchinson, Wanda Hutson, Fana Ashby, Kelly-Ann Baptiste DNF


Rank Lane Nation Competitors Results Notes
1st 4 Jamaica Tayna Lawrence, Sherone Simpson, Aleen Bailey, Veronica Campbell 41.73 NR
2nd 6 Russia Olga Fyodorova, Yuliya Tabakova, Irina Khabarova, Larisa Kruglova 42.27
3rd 2 France Veronique Mang, Muriel Hurtis, Sylviane Felix, Christine Arron 42.54
4 3 Bahamas Tamicka Clarke, Chandra Sturrup, Shandria Brown, Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie 42.69 SB
5 1 Belarus Yulia Nestsiarenka, Natallia Safronnikava, Alena Neumiarzhitskaya, Aksana Drahun 42.94 NR
6 7 Belgium Katleen De Caluwe, Lien Huyghebaert, Elodie Ouedraogo, Kim Gevaert 43.11
7 8 Nigeria Gloria Kemasuode, Mercy Nku, Oludamola Osayomi, Endurance Ojokolo 43.42
8 5 United States Angela Williams, Marion Jones, Lauryn Williams, LaTasha Colander DNF