Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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Men's 20 kilometres walk
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
2012 Olympic men's 20 km walk at Buckingham Palace.JPG
Venue The Mall
Date 4 August 2012
Competitors 56 from 34 nations
Winning time 1:18:46 OR
Gold medal    China
Silver medal    Guatemala
Bronze medal    China
2008 2016
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2012 Summer Olympics
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The men's 20 kilometres race walk at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London took place on 4 August on a route along The Mall and Constitution Hill in central London.[1][2]

Robert Heffernan and Grzegorz Sudol took the early lead, soon joined by Yusuke Suzuki. Like a bicycle race, the unhearlded Suzuki steadily broke away from the peloton. Suzuki led past the 8k mark but was eventually swallowed by a group led by Wang Zhen, followed by his teammate Chen Ding and Valeriy Borchin. By the half way mark the lead pack was down to twelve. Around the 11K mark, leader Wang made an odd gesture, hand over head, to the pack behind him, moments later Bertrand Moulinet broke away from the pack as Wang slowed. After gaining as much as a seven-second lead, the chasers caught back up to Moulinet and left him to fall off the pace, while Chen took his turn to break off the front as the pack started to string out in chase. Wang, Borchin and Erick Barrondo were the strongest chasers, forming a pack of four. A few minutes later Vladimir Kanaykin, then Luis Fernando López managed to bridge back to the leaders. Moments after joining the lead group, Lopez was given the red paddle, signifying his disqualification. Kanaykin was also given the paddle a minute after that. For a moment they were four abreast, but again Chen put the hammer down, eventually dropping Wang. By the bell Chen had built an 8-second lead over Borchin, who was picking up warnings and cards from the judges. Chen signaled one finger to the crowd. As Borchin struggled, Wang zoomed past the two remaining chasers. Barrondo reacted and accelerated to put some distance ahead of Wang. An exhausted Borchin chased for only a few moments then collapsed into a fence alongside the course. The third Chinese Zelin Cai hovered off the back of the pack and steadily picked off all the stragglers to eventually finish fourth for a remarkable 1-3-4 team performance. A jubilant Chen celebrated all the way from the final turn. Even though he gave up significant time along the way, Chen set a new Olympic Record at 1:18:46. China's Chen Ding won the gold medal. Erick Barrondo from Guatemala won silver and Wang Zhen, also of China, took bronze. Barrondo's silver medal was the first Olympic medal for Guatemala.[3]


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
4 August 2012 17:00 Final


Prior to this event, the existing World and Olympic records stood as follows.

World record  Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS) 1:17:16 Saransk, Russia 29 September 2007
Olympic record  Robert Korzeniowski (POL) 1:18:59 Sydney, Australia 22 September 2000
2012 World leading  Alex Schwazer (ITA) 1:17:30 Lugano, Switzerland 18 March 2012

The following new Olympic record was set during this event:

Date Event Athlete Time Notes
4 August Final  Chen Ding (CHN) 1:18.46 OR

The following National records were set during this competition.

China national record  Chen Ding (CHN) 1:18.46
India national record  Irfan Kolothum Thodi (IND) 1:20.21
Canada national record  Inaki Gomez (CAN) 1:20.58
Greece national record  Alexandros Papamichail (GRE) 1:21.12
Argentina national record  Juan Manuel Cano (ARG) 1:22.10


Racers walk past the gates of Buckingham Palace
Rank Athlete Nationality Time Notes[4]
1st, gold medalist(s) Chen Ding China 1:18:46 OR
2nd, silver medalist(s) Erick Barrondo Guatemala 1:18:57
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Wang Zhen China 1:19:25
4 Cai Zelin China 1:19:44
5 Miguel Ángel López Spain 1:19:49 PB
6 Eder Sánchez Mexico 1:19:52 SB
7 Jared Tallent Australia 1:20:02 SB
8 Bertrand Moulinet France 1:20:12 PB
9 Robert Heffernan Ireland 1:20:18 SB
10 Irfan Kolothum Thodi India 1:20:21 NR
11 João Vieira Portugal 1:20:41 SB
12 Dzianis Simanovich Belarus 1:20:42 PB
13 Inaki Gomez Canada 1:20:58 NR
14 Erik Tysse Norway 1:21:00 SB
15 Alexandros Papamichail Greece 1:21:12 NR
16 Ivan Trotski Belarus 1:21:23 SB
17 Kim Hyun-Sub South Korea 1:21:36 SB
18 Isamu Fujisawa Japan 1:21:48
19 Dawid Tomala Poland 1:21:55
20 Eider Arevalo Colombia 1:22:00
21 André Höhne Germany 1:22:02
22 Juan Manuel Cano Argentina 1:22:10 NR
23 Anton Kučmín Slovakia 1:22:25 PB
24 Grzegorz Sudoł Poland 1:22:40
25 Takumi Saito Japan 1:22:43
26 Trevor Barron United States 1:22:46
27 Nazar Kovalenko Ukraine 1:22:54
28 James Rendon Colombia 1:22:54 SB
29 Rafał Augustyn Poland 1:23:17
30 Ruslan Dmytrenko Ukraine 1:23:21
31 Byun Young-Jun South Korea 1:23:26
32 Máté Helebrandt Hungary 1:23:32 PB
33 Gurmeet Singh India 1:23:34
34 Isaac Palma Mexico 1:23:35
35 Georgiy Sheiko Kazakhstan 1:23:52
36 Yusuke Suzuki Japan 1:23:53 SB
37 Andrey Krivov Russia 1:24:17
38 Chris Erickson Australia 1:24:19
39 Caio Bonfim Brazil 1:24:45
40 Marius Žiūkas Lithuania 1:24:45
41 Yerko Araya Chile 1:25:27 SB
42 Giorgio Rubino Italy 1:25:28
43 Baljinder Singh India 1:25:39
44 Mauricio Arteaga Ecuador 1:25:51
45 Arnis Rumbenieks Latvia 1:26:26
46 Ever Palma Mexico 1:26:30
47 Ivan Losyev Ukraine 1:26:50
48 Predrag Filipović Serbia 1:27:22
Valeriy Borchin Russia DNF, DQ
Álvaro Martín Spain DNF
Park Chil-Sung South Korea DNF
Ebrahim Rahimian Iran DNF
Adam Rutter Australia DNF
Hassanine Sebei Tunisia DNF
Vladimir Kanaykin Russia DQ
Luis Fernando López Colombia DQ