Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's high jump

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Women's high jump
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Venue Olympic Stadium
Date 9–11 August
Competitors 35 from 28 nations
Winning height 2.05
1st, gold medalist(s) Anna Chicherova  Russia
2nd, silver medalist(s) Brigetta Barrett  United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Svetlana Shkolina  Russia
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The Women's high jump competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. The event was held at the Olympic Stadium on 9–11 August.[1]

In the qualifying round, only four athletes attempted the automatic qualifying height of 1.96, the clearance necessary for Svetlana Radzivil to advance beyond two misses at 1.93 and while failing, Irina Gordeeva needed to cover her chances in case Ariane Friedrich or Antonia Stergiou had cleared it.

In the final, it was down to four athletes at 2 metres, in the process losing defending champion Tia Hellebaut and reigning indoor champion Chaunte Lowe. Ruth Beitia was clean at 2.00 with one earlier miss, but she could go no further. Brigetta Barrett was getting into a habit of clearing heights on her second attempt. But she also cleared 2.03 on her second attempt, while Svetlana Shkolina cleared on her third, putting Barrett in silver medal position and Shkolina in the bronze position. The leader was reigning world champion Anna Chicherova, clean through 2.03, which would have been enough for the gold medal. But the competition went on, all three attempting 2.05. Chicherova cleared on her second attempt while Barrett and Shkolina missed three times to settle the medals for sure.[2]

Competition format[edit]

The competition consisted of two rounds, qualification and final. Athletes start with a qualifying round. Jumping in turn, each athlete attempts to achieve the qualifying height. If they fail at three jumps in a row, they are eliminated. After a successful jump, they receive three more attempts to achieve the next height. Once all jumps have been completed, all athletes who have achieved the qualifying height go through to the final. If fewer than 12 athletes achieve the qualifying standard, the best 12 athletes go through. Cleared heights reset for the final, which followed the same format until all athletes fail three consecutive jumps.[3]


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
Thursday, 9 August 2012 09:30 Qualifications
Saturday, 11 August 2012 19:00 Finals


Prior to the competition, the existing World and Olympic records were as follows.

World record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 m Rome, Italy 30 August 1987
Olympic record  Yelena Slesarenko (RUS) 2.06 m Athens, Greece 28 August 2004
2012 World leading  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.03 m Cheboksary, Russia 4 July 2012
Broken records during the 2012 Summer Olympics
2012 World leading  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.05 m London, United Kingdom 11 August 2012



Qual. rule: qualification standard 1.96m (Q) or at least best 12 qualified (q).

Rank Group Name Nationality 1.75 1.80 1.85 1.90 1.93 1.96 Result Note[4]
1 B Svetlana Radzivil  Uzbekistan o o o o xxo o 1.96 Q, SB
2 A Ruth Beitia  Spain - - o o o - 1.93 q
A Anna Chicherova  Russia - - o o o - 1.93 q
A Emma Green Tregaro  Sweden - - o o o - 1.93 q, SB
B Tia Hellebaut  Belgium - - o o o - 1.93 q
B Chaunté Lowe  United States - o o o o - 1.93 q
A Melanie Melfort  France o o o o o - 1.93 q, =SB
B Svetlana Shkolina  Russia - - o o o - 1.93 q
9 A Burcu Ayhan  Turkey o o - xo o - 1.93 q, SB
10 A Brigetta Barrett  United States o o o o xo - 1.93 q
B Irina Gordeeva  Russia - o o o xo xx- 1.93 q
A Airinė Palšytė  Lithuania o o o o xo - 1.93 q
13 B Antonia Stergiou  Greece o xo o xxo xo xxx 1.93 SB
14 A Ariane Friedrich  Germany - - o o xxo xxx 1.93 SB
15 A Olena Kholosha  Ukraine - o o o xxx 1.90
B Anna Iljuštšenko  Estonia - o o o xxx 1.90
17 B Doreen Amata  Nigeria - o x- o xxx 1.90 SB
18 A Zheng Xingjuan  China - o o xxo xxx 1.90
19 B Levern Spencer  Saint Lucia - o xo xxo xxx 1.90
20 B Amy Acuff  United States o o o xxx 1.85
A Nadiya Dusanova  Uzbekistan - o o xxx 1.85
B Ebba Jungmark  Sweden - o o xxx 1.85
B Lissa Labiche  Seychelles o o o xxx 1.85
B Lesyani Mayor  Cuba o o o xxx 1.85
A Esthera Petre  Romania o o o xxx 1.85
B Venelina Veneva-Mateeva  Bulgaria - o o xxx 1.85
27 A Deirdre Ryan  Ireland - o xo xxx 1.85
28 A Tonje Angelsen  Norway - o xxo xxx 1.85
29 A Wanida Boonwan  Thailand o o xxx 1.80
A Dương Thị Việt Anh  Vietnam - o xxx 1.80
B Sahana Kumari  India - o xxx 1.80
A Oldřiška Marešová  Czech Republic o o xxx 1.80
B Ana Šimić  Croatia - o xxx 1.80
34 B Vita Styopina  Ukraine xo xo xxx 1.80
N/A B Marina Aitova  Kazakhstan xxx N/A NM

r = retired from competition


Rank Name Nationality 1.89 1.93 1.97 2.00 2.03 2.05 Result Note
1st, gold medalist(s) Anna Chicherova  Russia o o o o o xo 2.05 WL
2nd, silver medalist(s) Brigetta Barrett  United States o o xo xo xo xxx 2.03 PB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Svetlana Shkolina  Russia o o o o xxo xxx 2.03 PB
4 Ruth Beitia  Spain o o xo o xxx 2.00 =SB
5 Tia Hellebaut  Belgium o xxo o xxx 1.97 =SB
6 Chaunté Lowe  United States o o xo xxx 1.97
7 Svetlana Radzivil  Uzbekistan o xxo xxo xxx 1.97 SB
8 Emma Green Tregaro  Sweden xo o xxx 1.93 =SB
9 Melanie Melfort  France o xo xxx 1.93 =SB
10 Irina Gordeeva  Russia o xxo xxx 1.93
11 Airinė Palšytė  Lithuania o xxx 1.89
12 Burcu Ayhan  Turkey xxo xxx 1.89


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