Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 110 metres hurdles

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Men's 110 metres hurdles
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Venue Olympic Stadium
Date 7–8 August
Competitors 53 from 33 nations
Winning time 12.92
Gold medal    United States
Silver medal    United States
Bronze medal    Jamaica
2008 2016
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2012 Summer Olympics
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The Men's 110 metres hurdles competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. The event was held at the Olympic Stadium on 7–8 August.[1]

The qualifying round was notable for who was eliminated. In heat 3, Shamar Sands was in the lead until he hit the sixth hurdle, crashing into the next hurdle and somersaulting into a heap, making him one of three athletes in that heat not to make it to the finish line. In the fifth heat, Aries Merritt ran the fastest qualifying time by far with a 13.07. In the final heat, 2004 gold medalist Liu Xiang reminded viewers of his 2008 performance, failing to clear the first hurdle, and injuring his right achilles. After a minute on the track, Liu got up onto his left leg and hopped off the track. Refusing a wheelchair assist and medical attention, he returned to the track and hopped all the way to the final hurdle. Returning to his assigned lane 4, Liu kissed the top of the tenth hurdle, perhaps signifying the end of his Olympic career. He then hopped across the finish line, where he was assisted off the track by heat winner Andy Turner, Balázs Baji and Jackson Quiñónez.

The semi final round was again dominated by Merritt running a 12.94. World record holder and defending champion Dayron Robles led Hansle Parchment to the Jamaican national record in 13.14. 13.31 qualified on time.

In the final, Robles and Merritt got the fastest starts but Merritt pulled ahead at hurdle 3, by hurdle 5 Robles was wincing in pain, pushing over the sixth hurdle and holding his leg. Merritt continued to a personal best 12.92 and a .12 win over reigning world champion Jason Richardson. Parchment took another .02 off his national record for the bronze, the rest of the field was not even close, more than a quarter of a second behind.[2]

Merritt moves past Renaldo Nehemiah to become the #7 hurdler of all time.[3]

Competition format[edit]

The Men's 110m Hurdles competition consisted of heats (Round 1), Semifinals and a Final.[4] The fastest competitors from each race in the heats qualified for the Semifinals along with the fastest overall competitors not already qualified that were required to fill the available spaces in the Semifinals.[5]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Olympic records were as follows:

World record  Dayron Robles (CUB) 12.87 Ostrava, Czech Republic 12 June 2008
Olympic record  Liu Xiang (CHN) 12.91 Athens, Greece 27 August 2004
2012 World leading  Aries Merritt (USA) 12.93 Eugene, OR, United States 30 June 2012
London, (CP), United Kingdom 13 July 2012
Monaco, Monaco 20 July 2012
Broken records during the 2012 Summer Olympics
2012 World leading  Aries Merritt (USA) 12.92 London, United Kingdom 8 August 2012

The following National record was set during this competition.

Jamaica National Record  Hansle Parchment (JAM) 13.12 s


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
Tuesday, 7 August 2012 10:10 Round 1
Wednesday, 8 August 2012 19:15


Round 1[edit]

Qual. rule: first 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 6 fastest times (q) qualified.

Heat 1[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Sergey Shubenkov Russia 13.26 Q
2 Konstadínos Douvalídis Greece 13.40 Q
3 Adrien Deghelt Belgium 13.52 Q
4 Garfield Darien France 13.54 q
5 Paulo Villar Colombia 13.55 q, SB
6 Matthias Bühler Germany 13.68
7 Shi Dongpeng China 13.78
8 David Ilariani Georgia 13.90

Heat 2[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Jason Richardson United States 13.33 Q
2 Lawrence Clarke Great Britain 13.42 Q
3 Maksim Lynsha Belarus 13.47 Q, SB
4 Wayne Davis Trinidad and Tobago 13.52 q
5 Andrew Riley Jamaica 13.59
6 João Carlos Almeida Portugal 13.69
7 Rouhollah Askari Iran 13.97
8 Ronald Forbes Cayman Islands 14.21
N/A Enrique Llanos Puerto Rico N/A DNF

Heat 3[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Orlando Ortega Cuba 13.26 Q
2 Hansle Parchment Jamaica 13.32 Q
3 Konstantin Shabanov Russia 13.63 Q
4 Ladji Doucouré France 13.67
5 Mikel Thomas Trinidad and Tobago 13.74
6 Erik Balnuweit Germany 13.77
N/A Andrew Pozzi Great Britain N/A DNF
N/A Shamar Sands Bahamas N/A DQ
N/A Ali Kamé Madagascar N/A DQ

Heat 4[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Dayron Robles Cuba 13.33 Q
2 Lehann Fourie South Africa 13.49 Q, SB
3 Jeff Porter United States 13.53 Q
4 Dimitri Bascou France 13.57 q
5 Greggmar Swift Barbados 13.62
6 Alexander John Germany 13.67
7 Fawaz Al-Shammari Kuwait 14.00
8 Héctor Cotto Puerto Rico 14.08
9 Ahmad Hazer Lebanon 14.82

Heat 5[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Aries Merritt United States 13.07 Q
2 Ryan Brathwaite Barbados 13.23 Q, SB
3 Xie Wenjun China 13.43 Q
4 Emanuele Abate Italy 13.46 q
5 Richard Phillips Jamaica 13.47 q
6 Dániel Kiss Hungary 13.62
7 Aleksey Dremin Russia 13.75 SB
8 Jeffrey Julmis Haiti 13.87
9 Ronald Bennett Honduras 14.45

Heat 6[edit]

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Andy Turner Great Britain 13.42 Q
2 Selim Nurudeen Nigeria 13.51 Q, PB
3 Gregory Sedoc Netherlands 13.52 Q
4 Balázs Baji Hungary 13.76
5 Jackson Quiñónez Spain 13.76 SB
N/A Shane Brathwaite Barbados N/A DNF
N/A Liu Xiang China N/A DNF
N/A Artur Noga Poland N/A DNF
N/A Moussa Dembélé Senegal N/A DQ

Semi Finals[edit]

Qual. rule: first 2 of each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest times (q) qualified.

Heat 1[edit]

Wind: Heat 1: -0.5 m/s

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Jason Richardson United States 13.13 Q
2 Orlando Ortega Cuba 13.26 Q
3 Lawrence Clarke Great Britain 13.31 q, PB
4 Adrien Deghelt Belgium 13.42 PB
5 Garfield Darien France 13.48
6 Wayne Davis Trinidad and Tobago 13.49
7 Konstadínos Douvalídis Greece 13.77
N/A Gregory Sedoc Netherlands N/A DNF

Heat 2[edit]

Wind: Heat 2: +0.1 m/s

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Aries Merritt United States 12.94 Q
2 Ryan Brathwaite Barbados 13.23 Q, SB
3 Xie Wenjun China 13.34 PB
4 Andy Turner Great Britain 13.42
5 Selim Nurudeen Nigeria 13.55
6 Dimitri Bascou France 13.55
7 Paulo Villar Colombia 13.63
8 Konstantin Shabanov Russia 13.65
N/A Richard Phillips Jamaica N/A DNF

Heat 3[edit]

Wind: Heat 3: +0.1 m/s

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Dayron Robles Cuba 13.10 Q, SB
2 Hansle Parchment Jamaica 13.14 Q, NR
3 Lehann Fourie South Africa 13.28 q, PB
4 Emanuele Abate Italy 13.35
5 Jeff Porter United States 13.41
6 Sergey Shubenkov Russia 13.41
7 Maksim Lynsha Belarus 13.45 PB
8 Ladji Doucouré France 13.74


Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Aries Merritt United States 12.92 WL, PB
2nd, silver medalist(s) Jason Richardson United States 13.04
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Hansle Parchment Jamaica 13.12 NR
4 Lawrence Clarke Great Britain 13.39
5 Ryan Brathwaite Barbados 13.40
6 Orlando Ortega Cuba 13.43
7 Lehann Fourie South Africa 13.53
N/A Dayron Robles Cuba N/A DNF