Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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Men's 20 kilometres walk
at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Date12 August 2016
Competitors74 from 40 nations
Winning time1:19:14
1st, gold medalist(s) Wang Zhen  China
2nd, silver medalist(s) Cai Zelin  China
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Dane Bird-Smith  Australia
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The men's 20 kilometres race walk at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro took place on 12 August on a route along Pontal. Wang Zhen was the first male athletics medallist of the games. His Chinese teammate Cai Zelin was second and Dane Bird-Smith of Australia took the bronze.


Miguel Ángel López of Spain, the reigning 2015 World Champion, was among the favourites though he was not high on the world lists that year. The defending 2012 Olympic champion Chen Ding had been defeated in national competition by Wang Zhen, who was fifth on the seasonal rankings and had won the 2016 IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships. Cai Zelin (fourth at the 2012 Olympics) rounded out the strong Chinese team. Japan entered a fast team, headed by the world's top three ranked walkers: Eiki Takahashi, Isamu Fujisawa and Daisuke Matsunaga.[1][2] The ban of the perennially strong Russian team affected the quality of entrants.

In the race, Tom Bosworth of Great Britain was a leader for much of the race until Wang Zhen increased the pace and disrupted the lead pack. Neither the Olympic nor World Champion could follow and López ultimately fell to tenth overall. Wang's lead was never assailed and his compatriot Cai ended the race as silver medallist some 12 seconds behind. Australia's Dane Bird-Smith outwalked home athlete Caio Bonfim to take the bronze medal, though Bonfim was rewarded with fourth and a Brazilian record.[2][3] While Bosworth faded to sixth, he still left with the British national record.


All times are Brasília Time (UTC−3).

Date Time Round
Friday, 12 August 2016 14:30 Final


Prior to this event, the existing World and Olympic records stood as follows.

World record  Yusuke Suzuki (JPN) 1:16:36 Nomi, Japan 15 March 2015
Olympic record  Chen Ding (CHN) 1:18.46 London, United Kingdom 4 August 2012


Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Wang Zhen  China 1:19:14
2nd, silver medalist(s) Cai Zelin  China 1:19:26 PB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Dane Bird-Smith  Australia 1:19:37 PB
4 Caio Bonfim  Brazil 1:19:42 NR
5 Christopher Linke  Germany 1:20:00
6 Tom Bosworth  Great Britain 1:20:13 NR
7 Daisuke Matsunaga  Japan 1:20:22
8 Matteo Giupponi  Italy 1:20:27 PB
9 Esteban Soto  Colombia 1:20:36 PB
10 Evan Dunfee  Canada 1:20:49
11 Miguel Ángel López  Spain 1:20:58
12 Inaki Gomez  Canada 1:21:12
13 Manish Singh  India 1:21:21
14 Ever Palma  Mexico 1:21:24
15 Éider Arévalo  Colombia 1:21:36
16 Ruslan Dmytrenko  Ukraine 1:21:40
17 Kim Hyun-sub  South Korea 1:21:44 SB
18 Hagen Pohle  Germany 1:21:44
19 Jakub Jelonek  Poland 1:21:52
20 Alexandros Papamichail  Greece 1:21:55
21 Isamu Fujisawa  Japan 1:22:03
22 Álvaro Martín  Spain 1:22:11
23 Pedro Daniel Gómez  Mexico 1:22:22
24 Richard Vargas  Venezuela 1:22:23
25 Yerko Araya  Chile 1:22:23
26 Marius Žiūkas  Lithuania 1:22:27 SB
27 Benjamin Thorne  Canada 1:22:28
28 Máté Helebrandt  Hungary 1:22:31 PB
29 Luis Fernando López  Colombia 1:22:32
30 Ersin Tacir  Turkey 1:22:53
31 João Vieira  Portugal 1:23:03
32 Anton Kučmín  Slovakia 1:23:17
33 Rhydian Cowley  Australia 1:23:30
34 Georgiy Sheiko  Kazakhstan 1:23:31
35 Ihor Hlavan  Ukraine 1:23:32
36 Hassanine Sebei  Tunisia 1:23:44
37 Daniel Pintado  Ecuador 1:23:44
38 Nils Brembach  Germany 1:23:46
39 Chen Ding  China 1:23:54
40 Nazar Kovalenko  Ukraine 1:24:40
41 Paolo Yurivilca  Peru 1:24:48
42 Eiki Takahashi  Japan 1:24:59
43 Aliaksandr Liakhovich  Belarus 1:25:04
44 Lebogang Shange  South Africa 1:25:07
45 Marco Antonio Rodríguez  Bolivia 1:25:11 SB
46 Alex Wright  Ireland 1:25:25
47 Artur Brzozowski  Poland 1:25:29
48 Erik Tysse  Norway 1:26:06
49 Kévin Campion  France 1:26:22
50 Erick Barrondo  Guatemala 1:27:01
51 Juan Manuel Cano  Argentina 1:27:27
52 Julio César Salazar  Mexico 1:27:38
53 Sérgio Vieira  Portugal 1:27:39
54 Hamid Reza Zouravand  Iran 1:27:45
55 Francisco Arcilla  Spain 1:27:50
56 José María Raymundo  Guatemala 1:29:07
57 Choe Byeong-kwang  South Korea 1:29:08
58 Wayne Snyman  South Africa 1:29:20
59 Marius Šavelskis  Lithuania 1:29:26
60 Nguyễn Thành Ngưng  Vietnam 1:30:01
61 Byun Young-jun  South Korea 1:30:38
62 Mert Atlı  Turkey 1:31:36
63 Moacir Zimmermann  Brazil 1:33:58
Samuel Ireri Gathimba  Kenya DNF
Simon Wachira  Kenya DNF
Perseus Karlström  Sweden DNF
Dzianis Simanovich  Belarus DNF
José Alessandro Bagio  Brazil DNF
Andrés Chocho  Ecuador DQ R230.7
Mauricio Arteaga  Ecuador DQ R230.7
Ganapathi Krishnan  India DQ R230.7
Łukasz Nowak  Poland DQ R230.7
Quentin Rew  New Zealand DQ R230.7
Gurmeet Singh  India DQ R230.7


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