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IndustryVideo games
FounderAlex Xu
ProductsVideo games
SubsidiariesDigital Extremes
Splash Damage
Certain Affinity (minority stake)
Radiance Games

Leyou is a Hong Kong based global video game holding company focused on free-to-play console and PC gaming. Leyou has six subsidiaries[1]: Digital Extremes, Splash Damage, Certain Affinity (Leyou has a 20% stake and has an option buy out the company after 2020[2]), Athlon Games (publisher), Kingmaker and Radiance Games.


In October 2014, the chicken meat supplier Sumpo Food Holdings announced their intent to acquire a majority stake in Canadian games company Digital Extremes.[3] Digital Extremes is the developer and publisher of titles such as Dark Sector and Warframe.

In 2015, the company renamed itself to Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited.[4] The company at that time had two core businesses, Agriculture and Poultry and Gaming.[5]

In June 2016, Leyou purchased the remaining shares of Digital Extremes.[6][7][8]

In July 2016, the sale of British games developer Splash Damage to Radius Maxima (a Leyou subsidiary)[9] was announced, for up to $150 million by Paul Wedgwood, its sole owner, co-founder and chief executive.[10][11] Splash Damage is the developer of titles such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink and Dirty Bomb.

In August 2016, the company announced they would sell the chicken business and focus on its gaming business.[12][13]

In July 2017, Leyou announced that it had acquired a 51% stake in Guangzhou Radiance Software Technology Co. Ltd., a company working on Civilization Online under a license granted by Take-Two Interactive.[14]

In October 2017, Leyou announced a $10 million investment in Austin-based game developer Certain Affinity to develop original games.[15]

In May 2018, Leyou launched a video game publishing label known as Athlon Games based in California.[16][17]

In September 2018, Leyou announced a partnership between Athlon Games and Middle-earth Enterprises to publish a multi-year online free to play game based on The Lord of the Rings fantasy work of J.R.R. Tolkien.[18] In July 2019, Leyou and Amazon announced that they would collaborate on the project, with Amazon publishing the game worldwide and Leyou publishing the game in China and Taiwan[19].

In 2019, Athlon Games became the worldwide publisher of Samurai Shodown, with SNK developing the game and publishing the game in Asia.[20]

In August 2019, Athlon Games became shareholder and publishing partner of LCG Entertainment, which acquired the assets of defunct studio Telltale Games.[21][22]


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