Athos Dimoulas

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Athos Dimoulas
Άθως Δημουλάς
Born 1921
Athens, Greece
Died 1985
Occupation poet
Nationality Greek
Period 1951-1985
Spouse Kiki Dimoula

Athos Dimoulas (Greek: Άθως Δημουλάς) (Athens, Greece, 1921–1985) was a Greek poet. He studied civil engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and abroad (in Belgium, England and France), and worked for the Hellenic State Railways from 1944 to 1972. His collection of poems Άλλοτε και αλλού was awarded the State Prize for Poetry in 1967.[1]


  • Ποιήματα (Poems), 1951
  • Νέα Ποιήματα (New Poems), 1951
  • Σονέττα (Sonnets), 1953
  • Χωρίς τίτλο (Untitled), 1956
  • Ορφεύς (Orpheus), 1958
  • Ένδον (Inside), 1960
  • Αυτή η πραγματικότητα και η άλλη (This Reality and the Other One), 1961
  • Περί μνήμης (About Poetry), 1964
  • Άλλοτε και αλλού (Erstwhile and Elsewhere), 1966
  • Ο αγρός της τύχης (The Field of Luck), 1972
  • Η μοίρα των πεπρωμένων (The Fate of Destinies), 1979


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