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Ballymote Church of the Immaculate Conception Apsis Right Window Saint Athracht Detail 2010 09 23.jpg
Born 6th century
Died 6th century
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast August 11
Patronage Tourlestrane, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Saint Athracht (Modern Irish Naomh Adhracht), in Latin sources Attracta, is the patron saint of the parish of Locha Techet (Lough Gara) and Tourlestrane, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Her feast day is August 11.


A native of County Sligo, she resolved to devote herself to God, but being opposed by her parents, fled to South Connacht and made her first foundation at Drumconnell, near Boyle, County Roscommon, whence she removed to Greagraighe or Coolavin, County Sligo.[1] Her legend states that she took her vows as a nun under Saint Patrick at Coolavin. She then moved to Lough Gara, where she founded a hostel for travellers at a place now called Killaraght in her honor. The hostel survived until 1539.[2]

She lived in the sixth century, and had a brother named of St Connell, who is associated with Conainne. Local tradition remembers her great healing powers. Her convents were famous for hospitality and charity to the poor.


A local well is named after her, as is the new secondary school in Tubbercurry and the parish's second church in Kilmactigue.[1]

St. Attracta's Senior School, Dublin is named after her.[3]


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