Atlántida Department

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Atlantida in Honduras.svg
Coordinates: 15°38′36″N 87°07′54″W / 15.64333°N 87.13167°W / 15.64333; -87.13167Coordinates: 15°38′36″N 87°07′54″W / 15.64333°N 87.13167°W / 15.64333; -87.13167
Country  Honduras
Municipalities 12
Founded 1887
Seat La Ceiba
 • Type Departmental
 • Total 4,372 km2 (1,688 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total 449,822
 • Density 100/km2 (270/sq mi)
Time zone -6
Postal code 31101

Atlántida (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈtlantiða]) is a department located on the north Caribbean shore of Honduras, Central America. The capital is the port city of La Ceiba.

In the past decades the tourism took over to become the most important legitimate economic source for the coastal area. In 2005 it had an estimated population of about 372,532 people. The department covers a total surface area of 4,251 km².


Land Registry Office for the Atlántida department in La Ceiba

The department was formed in 1902 from territory previously parts of the departments of Colón, Cortés, and Yoro. In 1910 it had a population of some 11,370 people. La Ceiba is known as the night life city in the Atlántida department. With tourist coming from all over the world to enjoy a nice Caribbean weather and beach resorts, La Ceiba is the preferred destination. Another important city in the area is Tela. Similar to La Ceiba, Tela has incredible resorts and is known for the beach parties that make this city an attractive destination. San Juan Pueblo, a small town midway of La Ceiba and Tela is showing prosperity and quickly growing into one of the most industrialized towns.


HN-AT Municipalities.svg
  1. Arizona
  2. El Porvenir
  3. Esparta
  4. Jutiapa
  5. La Ceiba
  6. La Masica
  7. San Francisco
  8. Tela


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