Atlético Tetuán

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Atlético Tetuán
Atletico Tetuan.png
Full nameClub Atlético Tetuán
Nickname(s)Moghreb Atletico Tetuán or Moghreb de Tetouan (MAT)
GroundEstadio de Varela
ChairmanMohamed Issam Bnelkadi
ManagerMohamed Issam Bnelkadi
LeagueSegunda División
1955–56Group 2, 4th (withdrew)

Club Atlético Tetuán was a Spanish football club based in Tétouan, Spanish protectorate of Morocco. The club played a single season in La Liga in 1951-52, after winning the Segunda División Southern Zone in 1950-51.[1] This ended in relegation after finishing last of 16 teams.[2]

Following Morocco's independence in 1956 the team's players and directors relocated to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. The club's directors decided to merge the club with local club Sociedad Deportiva Ceuta (1932 - 1956), becoming Club Atlético de Ceuta and eventually merging into AD Ceuta. The club inherited Atlético Tetuán's federative rights and was legally Atlético Tetuán's successor. AD Ceuta dissolved in 2012.


Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1933/34 5 2ª Reg.
1934/35 4 1ª Reg.
1935/36 4 1ª Reg.
1941/42 4 1ª Reg. 1st
1942/43 4 1ª Reg. 1st 1st round
1943/44 3 5th 2nd round
1944/45 3 10th
1945/46 4 1ª Reg. 1st
1946/47 3 4th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1947/48 3 8th 4th round
1948/49 3 1st 1st round
1949/50 2 5th 1st round
1950/51 2 1st Quarter-finals
1951/52 1 16th
1952/53 2 3rd 1st round
1953/54 2 7th
1954/55 2 2nd
1955/56 2 4th

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