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The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1]

This order of battle covers the period of May 7 – July 17, 1864. The period from July 17 – September 8, 1864 is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • k = killed

Army of Tennessee[edit]

Gen Joseph E. Johnston

Hardee's Corps[edit]

LTG William J. Hardee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cheatham's Division
     MG Benjamin F. Cheatham

Maney's Brigade

   BG George E. Maney
   Col Francis M. Walker[2]

  • 4th Confederate (Tennessee)
  • 1st-27th Tennessee
  • 6th-9th Tennessee: Col George C. Porter
  • 19th Tennessee (from mid-June):[3] Col Francis M. Walker
  • 41st Tennessee (until mid-June)
  • 50th Tennessee: Col Stephen H. Colms
  • 24th Tennessee Battalion (until early July)
Strahl's Brigade

   BG Otho F. Strahl

Wright's Brigade

   Col John C. Carter

Vaughn's Brigade

   BG Alfred J. Vaughn (w July 4)
   Col Michael Magevney[4]

Cleburne's Division
     MG Patrick R. Cleburne

Polk's Brigade

   BG Lucius E. Polk

Govan's Brigade

   BG Daniel C. Govan

Lowrey's Brigade

   BG Mark P. Lowrey

  • 16th Alabama
  • 33rd Alabama
  • 45th Alabama: Col Harris D. Lampley
  • 32nd Mississippi: Col William H.H. Tison
  • 45th Mississippi
Granbury's Brigade[6]

   BG Hiram B. Granbury
   BG James A. Smith[7]

  • 6th Texas Infantry-15th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
  • 7th Texas
  • 10th Texas: Col Roger Q. Mills
  • 17th-18th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
  • 24th-25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Bate's Division
     MG William B. Bate

Tyler's Brigade

   BG Thomas Benton Smith

  • 37th Georgia
  • 10th Tennessee (until mid-June)
  • 15th-37th Tennessee: Ltc R. Dudley Frayser (w July 22), Cpt Matthew Dwyer
  • 20th Tennessee
  • 30th Tennessee
  • 4th Georgia Sharpshooters
Lewis' (Orphan) Brigade

   BG Joseph Horace Lewis

Finley's Brigade

   BG Jesse J. Finley (w May 14)
   Col Angus D. McLean

Walker's Division
     MG William H. T. Walker

Mercer's Brigade[8]

   BG Hugh W. Mercer

  • 1st (Olmstead's) Georgia Volunteers: Col Charles H. Olmstead
  • 54th Georgia
  • 57th Georgia: Col William Barkuloo
  • 63rd Georgia
Gist's Brigade

   BG States Rights Gist

Jackson's Brigade[9]

   BG John K. Jackson

  • 1st Confederate (Georgia Volunteers) (until mid-June)[10]
  • 5th Georgia (until mid-June)
  • 47th Georgia
  • 65th Georgia
  • 5th Mississippi
  • 8th Mississippi: Col John C. Wilkinson
  • 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters
Stevens' Brigade

   BG Clement H. Stevens

  • 1st Confederate (Georgia Volunteers) (from mid-June)
  • 25th Georgia: Col William J. Winn
  • 29th Georgia
  • 30th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  • 66th Georgia: Col J. Cooper Nisbet
  • 26th Georgia Battalion (until mid-June)
  • 1st Georgia Sharpshooters

Hardee's Corps Artillery
     Col Melancthon Smith

Hoxton's Battalion

   Maj Llewelyn Hoxton

  • Phelan's (Alabama) Battery
  • Marion (Florida) Light Artillery
  • Turner's (Mississippi) Battery
Hotchkiss' Battalion[11]

   Maj Thomas R. Hotchkiss

Martin's Battalion

   Maj Robert Martin

  • Howell's (Georgia) Battery
  • Bledsoe's (Missouri) Battery
  • Ferguson's (South Carolina) Battery
Cobb's Battalion

   Maj Robert Cobb

Hood's Corps[edit]

LTG John B. Hood

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hindman's Division
     MG Thomas C. Hindman (w July 4)
     BG John C. Brown[12]

Deas' Brigade

   BG Zachariah C. Deas
   Col John G. Coltart[13]

  • 19th Alabama
  • 22nd Alabama: Col Benjamin R. Hart
  • 25th Alabama
  • 39th Alabama
  • 50th Alabama: Col John G. Coltart
  • 17th Alabama Sharpshooters
Manigault's Brigade

   BG Arthur Middleton Manigault

  • 24th Alabama: Col Newton N. Davis
  • 28th Alabama
  • 34th Alabama: Col Julius C. B. Mitchell
  • 10th South Carolina: Col James F. Pressley
  • 19th South Carolina
Walthall's Brigade

   BG Edward C. Walthall (w May 15)
   Col Samuel Benton[14]

  • 24th-27th Mississippi: Col Robert P. McKelvaine
  • 29th-30th Mississippi: Col William F. Brantley
  • 34th Mississippi: Col Samuel Benton, Cpt T. S. Hubbard
Tucker's Brigade

   BG William F. Tucker (w May)
   Col Jacob H. Sharp[15]

  • 7th Mississippi: Col William H. Bishop
  • 9th Mississippi
  • 10th Mississippi
  • 41st Mississippi: Col J. Byrd Williams
  • 44th Mississippi: Col Jacob H. Sharp
  • 9th Mississippi Sharpshooters

Stevenson's Division
     MG Carter L. Stevenson

Brown's Brigade

   BG John C. Brown
   Col Joseph B. Palmer[16]

  • 3rd Tennessee (Volunteers)
  • 18th Tennessee: Col Joseph B. Palmer
  • 26th Tennessee: Col Richard M. Saffell
  • 32nd Tennessee
  • 45th Tennessee-23rd Tennessee Battalion: Col Anderson Searcy
Cumming's Brigade

   BG Alfred Cumming

  • 34th Georgia
  • 36th Georgia
  • 39th Georgia
  • 56th Georgia: Col E. P. Watkins
  • 2nd Georgia State (from mid-June): Col James Wilson
Reynold's Brigade

   BG Alexander W. Reynolds (w May 27)
   Col Washington M. Hardy

Pettus' Brigade

   BG Edmund W. Pettus

  • 20th Alabama: Col James M. Dedman
  • 23rd Alabama
  • 30th Alabama: Col Charles M. Shelley
  • 31st Alabama
  • 46th Alabama

Stewart's Division[17]
     MG Alexander P. Stewart[18]
     MG Henry D. Clayton[19]

Stovall's Brigade

   BG Marcellus A. Stovall

  • 40th Georgia
  • 41st Georgia
  • 42nd Georgia
  • 43rd Georgia
  • 52nd Georgia
  • 1st Georgia State (from mid-June)
Clayton's Brigade[20]

   BG Henry D. Clayton
   BG James T. Holtzclaw[21]

Gibson's Brigade

   BG Randall L. Gibson

  • 1st Louisiana (Regulars)
  • 13th Louisiana: Col Francis L. Campbell
  • 16th-25th Louisiana
  • 19th Louisiana: Col Richard W. Turner
  • 20th Louisiana: Col Leon Von Zinken
  • 4th Louisiana Battalion
  • 14th Louisiana Sharpshooters
Baker's Brigade

   BG Alpheus Baker

  • 37th Alabama
  • 40th Alabama
  • 42nd Alabama
  • 54th Alabama (from mid-June)

Hood's Corps Artillery
     Col Robert F. Beckham

Courtney's Battalion

   Maj Alfred R. Courtney

  • Dent's (Alabama) Battery
  • Garrity's (Alabama) Battery
  • Douglas' (Texas) Battery
Eldridge's Battalion

   Maj John W. Eldridge

  • Eufala (Alabama) Artillery
  • Fenner's (Louisiana) Battery
  • Stanford's (Mississippi) Battery
Johnston's Battalion

   Maj John W. Johnston

  • Cherokee (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt Max van den Corput
  • Stephens (Georgia) Light Artillery: Cpt John B. Rowan
  • Marshall's (Tennessee) Battery

Polk's Corps (Army of Mississippi)[edit]

LTG Leonidas Polk (k June 14)
MG William W. Loring[22]
LTG Alexander P. Stewart[23]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Loring's Division
     MG William W. Loring[24]
     BG Winfield S. Featherston[25]

Featherston's Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Featherston[26]

  • 3rd Mississippi
  • 22nd Mississippi
  • 31st Mississippi: Col Marcus Stephens
  • 33rd Mississippi: Col Jabez Drake
  • 40th Mississippi
  • 1st Mississippi Sharpshooters
Adams' Brigade

   BG John Adams

  • 6th Mississippi: Col Robert Lowry
  • 14th Mississippi
  • 15th Mississippi
  • 20th Mississippi
  • 23rd Mississippi
  • 43rd Mississippi
Scott's Brigade

   BG Thomas M. Scott

  • 27th Alabama
  • 35th Alabama
  • 49th Alabama
  • 55th Alabama
  • 57th Alabama
  • 12th Louisiana

French's Division
     MG Samuel G. French

Ector's Brigade

   BG Matthew D. Ector (w July 27)

  • 29th North Carolina
  • 39th North Carolina
  • 9th Texas: Col William Hugh Young (w)
  • 10th Texas Cavalry
  • 14th Texas Cavalry
  • 32nd Texas Cavalry
Cockrell's Brigade

   BG Francis M. Cockrell

  • 1st-4th Missouri
  • 2nd-6th Missouri
  • 3rd-5th Missouri
  • 1st-3rd Missouri Cavalry (dismounted): Col Elijah Gates
Sears' Brigade

   BG Claudius W. Sears (w May 19)
   Col William T.S. Barry

  • 4th Mississippi
  • 35th Mississippi: Col William T.S. Barry
  • 36th Mississippi
  • 39th Mississippi
  • 46th Mississippi
  • 7th Mississippi Battalion

Walthall's Division[27]
     BG James Cantey[28]
     BG Edward C. Walthall[29]

Reynolds' Brigade

   BG Daniel H. Reynolds

Cantey's Brigade[30]

   BG James Cantey[31]
   Col Virgil Murphey[32]

Quarles' Brigade[34]

   BG William A. Quarles

  • 1st Alabama[35]
  • 4th Louisiana
  • 30th Louisiana
  • 42nd Tennessee
  • 48th Tennessee
  • 49th Tennessee
  • 53rd Tennessee
  • 56th (46th-55th) Tennessee

Polk's Corps Artillery
     Ltc Samuel C. Williams

Myrick's Battalion[36]

   Maj John D. Myrick

Storrs' Battalion[37]

   Maj George S. Storrs

  • Ward's (Alabama) Battery
  • Hoskins' (Mississippi) Battery
  • Guibor's (Missouri) Battery
Preston's Battalion[38]

   Maj William C. Preston

  • Tarrant's (Alabama) Battery
  • Selden's (Alabama) Battery
  • Yates' (Mississippi) Battery

Artillery Reserve[edit]

Chief of Artillery: BG Francis A. Shoup

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Artillery Reserve
     Ltc James H. Hallonquist

Palmer's Battalion

   Maj Joseph Palmer

  • Lumsden's (Alabama) Battery
  • Anderson's (Georgia) Battery[39]
  • Havis' (Georgia) Battery
Williams' Battalion

   Ltc Samuel C. Williams

  • Barbour (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt Reuben Kolb
  • Jefferson (Mississippi) Artillery
  • Nottoway (Virginia) Artillery
Waddell's Battalion

   Maj James F. Waddell

  • Bellamy's (Alabama) Battery
  • Emery's (Alabama) Battery
  • Barret's (Missouri) Battery: Cpt Overton Barret

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Joseph Wheeler

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Martin's Division
     MG William T. Martin

Morgan's Brigade[40]

   BG John T. Morgan
   BG William Allen (from mid-June)

  • 1st Alabama Cavalry
  • 3rd Alabama Cavalry: Col James Hagan
  • 4th Alabama Cavalry: Col Alfred A. Russell
  • 7th Alabama Cavalry
  • 51st Alabama Cavalry: Col Milton L. Kirkpatrick
  • 12th Alabama Cavalry Battalion (from mid-June)
Iverson's Brigade

   BG Alfred Iverson, Jr.

  • 1st Georgia Cavalry: Col Samuel W. Davitte
  • 2nd Georgia Cavalry: Col Charles C. Crews
  • 3rd Georgia Cavalry: Col Robert Thompson
  • 4th Georgia Cavalry: Col Isaac W. Avery
  • 6th Georgia Cavalry: Col John R. Hart

Kelly's Division
     BG John H. Kelly

Allen's Brigade[41]

   BG William Allen (until mid-June)[42]
   Col Robert H. Anderson (from mid-June)

  • 3rd Confederate Cavalry
  • 8th Confederate Cavalry
  • 10th Confederate Cavalry
  • 12th Confederate Cavalry
  • 5th Georgia Cavalry (from mid-June): Col Robert H. Anderson
Dibrell's Brigade

   Col George G. Dibrell

  • 4th (McLemore's) Tennessee Cavalry
  • 8th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 10th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 11th Tennessee Cavalry (until mid-June)

Humes' Division
     BG William Y.C. Humes

Humes' Brigade[43]

   Col James T. Wheeler
   Col Henry M. Ashby (from mid-June)

  • 1st (6th) Tennessee Cavalry: Col James T. Wheeler
  • 2nd (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry: Col Henry M. Ashby
  • 4th (Murray's) Tennessee Cavalry (until mid-June)[44]
  • 5th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry
Grigsby's Brigade[45]

   Col J. Warren Grigsby
   BG John S. Williams (from mid-June)

  • 1st (3rd) Kentucky Cavalry
  • 2nd Kentucky Cavalry
  • 9th Kentucky Cavalry
  • 2nd (Dortch's) Kentucky Cavalry Battalion
  • Hamilton's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion
  • Allison's Tennessee Squadron
Harrison's Brigade

   Col Thomas H. Harrison

Hannon's Brigade[46]

   Col Moses W. Hannon

Jackson's Division[47]
     BG William Hicks Jackson

Armstrong's Brigade

   BG Frank C. Armstrong

  • 6th Alabama Cavalry (until mid-June)[48]
  • 1st Mississippi Cavalry
  • 2nd Mississippi Cavalry
  • 28th Mississippi Cavalry
  • Ballentine's Mississippi Cavalry
Ross' Brigade

   BG Lawrence Sullivan Ross

  • 3rd Texas Cavalry
  • 6th Texas Cavalry
  • 9th Texas Cavalry
  • 27th Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Legion)
Ferguson's Brigade

   BG Samuel W. Ferguson

Waties' Battalion

   Cpt John Waties

  • Columbus (Georgia) Artillery
  • King's (Missouri) Battery
  • Waties' (South Carolina) Battery

Corps Artillery Reserve

Wheeler's Horse Artillery

   Ltc Felix H. Robertson

  • Wiggin's (Arkansas) Battery: Lt J.P. Bryant
  • Ferrell's (Georgia) Battery (1 section)
  • Huggin's (Tennessee) Battery (from mid-June)
  • Huwald's (Tennessee) Battery
  • White's (Tennessee) Battery


The following table shows total strengths of each of the major formations at several stages throughout the campaign.[49]

Corps April 30 June 10 June 30 July 10 July 31 August 10 August 31
Hardee's Corps 21,946 20,741 18,107 16,567 13,369 14,013 14,160
Hood's/Lee's Corps 21,385 17,379 15,970 15,492 13,553 13,005 11,633
Polk's/Stewart's Corps - [50] 16,538 14,380 13,354 11,850 11,551 11,457
Cavalry Corps 8,062 13,546 12,889 12,379 12,523 12,803 13,244
Total 52,931 69,946 62,747 59,196 51,843 51,946 51,141


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