Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway

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The Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway was an attempt by Joel Hurt to take over the various Atlanta streetcar systems.

Incorporated in May 1891, Hurt began negotiations to consolidate widely overlapping competing companies. On September 21, 1891 the titles of the following were conveyed to the Consolidated:

The fully steam-powered Metropolitan Street Railroad was absorbed on November 22, 1892. Only the Atlanta & Edgewood was completely electrified and they began work to convert the others. There were three small companies left outside of the system at the time (two headed to the northwest and one down to the barracks at Fort McPherson) but by the mid-1890s many more competitors were built.

Hurt continued with the electrification project having to contract for more and more power from Henry M. Atkinson while fighting a public relations battle over a perception of monopoly.

By 1899 Hurt and Atkinson were feuding in what has come to be called the "Second Battle of Atlanta" which resulted in the formation of Georgia Railway and Electric Company (predecessor of Georgia Power) combining all existing companies in 1902.

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