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Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF)
Atlanta Film Festival Logo.png
LocationAtlanta, Georgia, United States
No. of films150-250

The Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) is an Academy Award-qualifying, international film festival held in Atlanta, Georgia. Started in 1976 and occurring every spring, the festival shows a diverse range of independent films, including genres such as experimental, horror and sci-fi. Since 2008, the festival has presented the Pink Peach prize, which is awarded to the best LGBT feature and short films, as chosen by the Pink Peach jury. In 2013, the festival started an annual New Mavericks shorts block, featuring films by female filmmakers with strong female leads. In 2015, the New Mavericks program was expanded to include feature films and jury prizes for both features and shorts. The Accountant won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2002 after qualifying at the 2001 Atlanta Film Festival.

Robert Rodriguez at the 1993 Atlanta Film Festival with El Mariachi

Over the years, the festival's primary venues have included theaters such as Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, Atlantic Station Regal Cinemas and The Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State. In 2013, ATLFF moved its principle screening operations to The Plaza Theatre in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood and the 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points.

Move to Landmark Midtown Art Cinema[edit]

2007 Atlanta Film Festival

In 2007, the festival partnered with the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema to centrally locate the festival to Midtown, dubbed the Heart of Atlanta’s Arts and home to a wide array of restaurants, bars and shops. Making the change allowed attending filmmakers and audience members more opportunities to interact and to attend the myriad of panels, screenplay readings, film discussions and parties that accompany the fest.

Move to The Plaza Theatre and 7 Stages[edit]

After 6 years centered at Landmark, the festival moved its home base to The Plaza and added 7 Stages Theatre as a secondary venue. Taking advantage of the Virginia Highlands and Little 5 Points areas, the change pushed the event to be more of a walking festival. According to Artistic Director Charles Judson, the move was mostly praised by locals and introduced out of town guests to Atlanta's unique neighborhoods.

Spin Off of Out on Film[edit]

For years the Atlanta Film Festival organization produced Atlanta's Out on Film gay film festival. In the Fall of 2008 the Atlanta Film Festival gave Out on Film to the LGBT community. Out on Film became an independent, 501(c)(3) gay/lesbian operation.


In 2012, the festival partnered with the Goat Farm Arts Center and indieATL to introduce a special, mostly-outdoor event featuring music videos, art installations and live musical performances called SOUND + VISION. The evening is an example of the types of elements film festivals continue to add as they look to redefine themselves, connect with audiences and innovate. An estimated 1,200 people attended in its inaugural year, dropping to just under 800 in 2013, due to inclimate weather. In 2014, the event drew over 1,500 attendees, and eclipsed 3,000 attendees in 2015.

Notable films that have played the festival[edit]

Year Films
1983 Chicken Ranch
1993 El Mariachi
2002 West 47th Street
2004 Primer, Control Room, Born into Brothels, Baadasssss!, Bomb the System, Zatōichi, Dirty Work, Dear Pillow
2005 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, The Puffy Chair, Emmanuel's Gift, The Boys of Baraka, Hustle & Flow, Me and You and Everyone We Know
2006 Quinceanera, Who Killed the Electric Car?, Factotum, The Other Side
2007 The Signal, Hannah Takes the Stairs, Kamp Katrina, Blood Car, Great World of Sound, Fay Grim, The Last Days of Left Eye, King of Kong, Murder Party, Away From Her, Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life, Killer of Sheep, August the First, La Vie En Rose, War/Dance
2008 The Lena Baker Story, Dance of the Dead, Make-out with Violence, Mongol, American Teen, At the Death House Door, The Visitor, Land of Confusion, Nerdcore Rising, My Effortless Brilliance, The Project, The Cake Eaters, XXY
2009 (500) Days of Summer, The People Speak, Rudo y Cursi, That Evening Sun, Tyson, Moon, Beeswax, Alexander the Last, Art & Copy, Mississippi Damned, Neshoba, Idiots & Angels, Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, Naturally Obsessed
2010 Winter's Bone, The Square, 8: The Mormon Proposition, Racing Dreams, Horn Dog, Pigeon: Impossible, I Am Comic, Family Affair, 9500 Liberty, Cropsey, Putty Hill, American Jihadist, Yellowbrickroad, Handsome Harry, Freedom Riders, Godspeed, Wheedle's Groove
2011 Terri, Sahkanaga, The First Grader, White Irish Drinkers, Incendies, Young Goethe in Love, Hot Coffee, The Start of Dreams
2012 L!fe Happens, The Cabin in the Woods, Americano, Boy, The Woman in the Fifth, Take Me Home, AKA Blondie, John Portman: A Life of Building, V/H/S, The Last Fall, My Last Day Without You, OK, Good, That's What She Said, Monsieur Lazhar, Marley
2013 Mud, The Spectacular Now, I Used to Be Darker, Concussion, God Loves Uganda, A River Changes Course, Big Words, Interior. Leather Bar., Blood Brother, Good Ol' Freda, White Reindeer, Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp, A Teacher, Blood Brother, Between Us, Our Nixon
2014 Obvious Child, Locke, Joe, The Double
2015 I Am Michael, Somewhere in the Middle (film), Sunshine Superman, Krisha, While We're Young
2016 The Fundamentals of Caring, Morris From America, The Fits, Miles Ahead
2017 Menashe, Dave Made a Maze, The Zookeeper's Wife
2018 Eighth Grade, Blindspotting, American Animals, Hearts Beat Loud, Lean on Pete, Leave No Trace, A Prayer Before Dawn, Summer 03, Tully, You Were Never Really Here
2019 The Farewell, Them That Follow, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, Greener Grass, Teen Spirit

Award-Winning Films[edit]

Year Narrative Feature Documentary Feature Pink Peach Feature Special Jury Award Feature Audience Award Feature
1999 The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez-Gomez American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land American Hollow A Luv Tale
2000 Good Housekeeping Good Kurds, Bad Kurds: No Friends But the Mountains
2001 Hybrid Confederacy Theory,
T-shirt Travels
West 47th Street The Journey,
2002 My Father, the Genius That's My Face Manito Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew
2003 Zero Day A Certain Kind of Death,
2004 Dear Pillow Dirty Work
2005 Most High The Boys of Baraka
2006 Pope Dreams What Remains Quinceañera Loving Annabelle
2007 Great World of Sound Protagonist Darius Goes West
2008 Make-out with Violence At the Death House Door XXY The Elevator,
Land of Confusion
2009 That Evening Sun The Way We Get By Training Rules At the Edge of the World,
Greek Pete
Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride,
Living is Winning
2010 Putty Hill Family Affair 8: The Mormon Proposition Tierra madre
2011 Prairie Love An African Election Bear Nation Without Disabled but Able to Rock,
2012 Welcome to Pine Hill Code 2600 Cloudburst
2013 I Used to Be Darker A River Changes Course God Loves Uganda Blood Brother
2014 I Believe in Unicorns Getting to the Nutcracker Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo Web Little Ballers
2015 God Bless the Child Stray Dog Before the Last Curtain Falls Next Year Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi
2016 Hunky Dory Driving with Selvi Juanicas The Founders
2017 Cortez Rat Film Le Soledad,

Raising Bertie

Holden On
2018 Restos De Viento (Wind Traces) Man Made Disappearance Maynard
2019 Greener Grass The Fourth Kingdom (El Cuarto Reino) Afterlife (Hiernamaals) The Farewell

Festival dates[edit]

Year Dates
2007 April 19–28
2008 April 10–19
2009 April 16–25
2010 April 15–23
2011 April 28 - May 7
2012 March 23 - April 1
2013 March 15–24
2014 March 28 - April 6
2015 March 20–29
2016 April 1–10
2017 March 24 - April 2
2018 April 13 - 22
2019 April 4- 14
2020 April 30 - May 10

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