Atlanta Rhythm Section (album)

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Atlanta Rhythm Section
Studio album by Atlanta Rhythm Section
Released 1972
Genre Southern rock
Atlanta Rhythm Section chronology
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Back Up Against the Wall
(1973)Back Up Against the Wall1973
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Atlanta Rhythm Section is the 1972 first album by the American Southern rock band Atlanta Rhythm Section. It was originally released on the Decca label DL75265. It was produced by Buddy Buie. The album was re-released in 1973 with Back Up Against the Wall as a double album on MCA label MCA24114.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Love Me Just A Little (Sometime)" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie) 6:05
2. "Baby No Lie" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie, Bailey) 3:51
3. "All In Your Mind" (Buie, Cobb) 3:16
4. "Earnestine" (Nix, Daughtry, Bailey, Goddard) 2:33
5. "Forty Days And Forty Nights" (Randall Bramblett, Davis Causey, Jones) 4:21
6. "Another Man's Woman (It's So Hard)" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie) 4:46
7. "Days Of Our Lives" (Buie, Bailey, Cobb) 3:12
8. "Yours And Mine" (Nix, Buie) 2:39
9. "Can't Stand It No More" (Buie, Cobb, Justo) 4:02
10. "One More Problem" (Nix, Daughtry, Buie, Bailey) 3:08


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