Atlanta Union Station (1853)

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Union Station
Union Depot
Atlanta Union Depot before 1864.jpeg
First Atlanta Union Station before its destruction in 1864
Location Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Architect Edward A. Vincent
Opened 1853
Closed 1864
First Atlanta Union Station after its destruction, 1864

Atlanta's first Union Station, also known as Union Depot (1853–1864) was the original depot of Atlanta, Georgia. It was designed by architect Edward A. Vincent. It stood in the middle of State Square, the city's main square at the time, where Wall Street now is between Pryor Street and Central Avenue. It was destroyed in General Sherman's burning of the city during the Battle of Atlanta. Atlanta's 1871 Union Station was built on the site.


Coordinates: 33°45′11″N 84°23′20″W / 33.7530°N 84.3890°W / 33.7530; -84.3890