Atlanta WCT

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Atlanta WCT
Defunct tennis tournament
Tour World Championship Tennis
Founded 1973
Abolished 1976
Editions 4
Surface Clay(1973–1974)
Carpet (1975–1976)

The Atlanta WCT was a men's tennis tournament played in Atlanta, Georgia from 1973–1976. The event was part of the WCT Tour. It was played on outdoor clay courts in 1973–74 and on indoor carpet courts in 1975 and 1976. This tournament is not to be confused with the WCT Atlanta, a WCT tournament played in the 1980s.


Men's singles[edit]

Year Champions Runners-up Score
1973 United States Stan Smith Australia Rod Laver 6–3, 6–4
1974 United States Dick Stockton Czech Republic Jiří Hřebec 6–2, 6–1
1975 United Kingdom Mark Cox Australia John Alexander 6–3, 7–6
1976 Romania Ilie Năstase United States Jeff Borowiak 6–2, 6–4


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1973 Australia Roy Emerson
Australia Rod Laver
South Africa Robert Maud
Rhodesia Andrew Pattison
7–6, 6–3
1974 United States Robert Lutz
United States Stan Smith
United States Brian Gottfried
United States Dick Stockton
6–3, 3–6, 7–6
1975 India Anand Amritraj
India Vijay Amritraj
United Kingdom Mark Cox
South Africa Cliff Drysdale
6–3, 6–2
1976 Australia John Alexander
Australia Phil Dent
Poland Wojtek Fibak
Germany Karl Meiler
6–3, 6–4

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