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Atlantic Corridor in October 2017

The Atlantic corridor[1] or Atlantic motorway [2] is a road project in Ireland that eventually will link Waterford in the South-East to Letterkenny/Derry in the North-West via motorway or dual carriageway.[3] A major infrastructure project, the scheme was announced as part of the Transport 21 project launch in 2005, and was originally due to be completed by 2015. Due to the Great Recession, however, major sections of the roadway were delayed or cancelled, with no construction current as of 2017.

The Atlantic Corridor, when combined with the inter-urban motorways linking Dublin and the other cities, will effectively ring the island of Ireland, while at the same time connecting the primary population and economic centres.

National primary roads[edit]

The constituent routes are:


Following the motorway re-designations of 28 August 2009, 27.8 km of the route is now motorway.

Completed Sections[edit]

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