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The Atlantic District encompasses eastern New York state, including New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital District. The district office is located in Bronxville, New York.

The Atlantic District is one of the 35 districts of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS), and covers eastern New York state: New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital District. It comprises approximately 101 congregations and a number of mission stations, subdivided into 10 circuits, as well as 22 preschools, 16 elementary schools and 6 high schools. Baptized membership in Atlantic District congregations is approximately 35,700.[1] The rest of New York is included in the Eastern District; in addition, four congregations in the New York City area are in the non-geographic English District, and one congregation in Yonkers is in the SELC District.

The Atlantic District was formed in May 1906 out of the Eastern District; portions of the district were separated into the New England District and the New Jersey District in 1972. District offices are located in Bronxville, New York. Delegates from each congregation meet in convention every three years to elect the district president, vice presidents, circuit counselors, a board of directors, and other officers. Rev. Dr. David Benke has been the district president since September 1991, and was re-elected to an eighth term in 2012. The 58th Regular Convention was held June 8–9, 2012, at Concordia College-New York; the 59th Regular Convention was scheduled for June 4–6, 2015, at Concordia College.

Concordia College-New York, part of the LCMS's Concordia University System, is located within the district.


  • Rev. Ernst C. L. Schulze, 1906-18
  • Rev. Philip H. L. Birkner, 1918-30
  • Rev. Arthur J. C. Brunn, 1930-41
  • Rev. George K. A. Koenig, 1941-42
  • Rev. Herman J. Rippe, 1942-60
  • Rev. Karl F. Graesser, 1960-67
  • Rev. Rudolph P. F. Ressmeyer, 1967-76
  • Rev. Henry L. Koepchen, 1976 (acting president)
  • Rev. Ronald F. Fink, 1976-89
  • Rev. James Zwernemann, 1989-91
  • Rev. Dr. David H. Benke, 1991-present

Ressmeyer was one of four district presidents who were removed from office by Synod President J. A. O. Preus on April 2, 1976 for non-compliance with synodical directives on the ordination and placement of improperly endorsed ministerial candidates from Seminex [2].

Oldest congregations[edit]

Trinity Lutheran Church in Hicksville, NY
St John, College Point
Trinity, Bay Ridge
Trinity Lutheran, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Largest congregations[edit]

Membership totals include baptized members and are according to the LCMS website.

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