Atlantic Jaxx

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Atlantic Jaxx
Atlantic Jaxx.png
Founded 1994
  • Felix Buxton
  • Simon Ratcliffe
Genre Dance, Electronic, House, Soul, Music
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, England
Official website

Atlantic Jaxx Recordings is a record company founded by dance music duo Basement Jaxx. Originally based in Camberwell and then Brixton, it was an outlet for releasing Basement Jaxx music. The first release "EP1" which was played by DJ Tony Humphries on New York Radio in 1994.

Artists include[edit]

  • Afrofiesta
  • Gwyn Jay Allen
  • Basement Jaxx (also released under the aliases of "Banana Krew", "Jacques da Booty","Nifty" and "Jaxtrak". Solo records by Felix as "Buxton", "Celestial Being", "Geranimo","Pinhead","EYES", "and Simon as "Ratcliffe", )
  • House Breakerz
  • Moreno
  • Phil Linton
  • Sharlene Hector
  • Snakeskin
  • Pinhead
  • Dog Beats
  • Ronnie Richards
  • Yen Sung
  • CL Gris
  • Andrea Terrano ( featuring Samantha Moyo founder of Morning Gloryville )
  • EYES
  • Immortal Scientist ( Slarta John and Danny James)
  • Celestial Being
  • Geranimo & Mikey
  • Planet Battagon
  • Bigby
  • Jack Nunn[1]

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