Atlantis Lucid Dreaming

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Atlantis Lucid Dreaming
Atlantis lucid dreaming.jpg
Compilation album by Therion
Released 6 September 2005
Recorded 1996-1999
Genre Symphonic metal
Length 1:12:54
Label Nuclear Blast
NB 1498
Producer Therion
Therion chronology
Atlantis Lucid Dreaming
Celebrators of Becoming

Atlantis Lucid Dreaming is a compilation album released by the symphonic metal band Therion. Compilation contains tracks from A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming (1997) and Crowning of Atlantis (1999).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "In Remembrance"
  2. "Black Fairy"
  3. "Fly to the Rainbow" (Scorpions cover)
  4. "Under Jolly Roger" (Running Wild cover)
  5. "Symphony of the Dead"
  6. "Here Comes the Tears" (Judas Priest cover)
  7. "Crowning of Atlantis"
  8. "Mark of Cain"
  9. "Clavicula Nox"
  10. "Crazy Nights" (Loudness cover)
  11. "From the Dionysian Days"
  12. "Thor" (Manowar cover)
  13. "Seawinds" (Accept cover)
  14. "Black Sun" (Live)

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