Atlantis Mystery

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Atlantis Mystery
(l'Enigme de l'Atlantide)
Cover of the English language (Comcat) edition
Series Blake and Mortimer
Original publication
Published in Tintin magazine
Date of publication March 30, 1955 to May 30, 1956
Language French
Publisher Comcat Comics, Cinebooks, Ltd
Date 1990, 2012
Translator Dwight Decker, ?
Preceded by The Yellow "M"
Followed by S.O.S. Meteors: Mortimer in Paris

Atlantis Mystery (l'Énigme de l'Atlantide) by the Belgian artist Edgar P. Jacobs was the seventh comic book in the Blake and Mortimer series, first published in Tintin magazine from March 30, 1955 to May 30, 1956. It appeared in book format in 1957.


During a speleological expedition deep in the caves of the Azores, Blake and Mortimer are cut off by their old enemy Olrik, trapping them in a gaseous cavern. Surviving the odds, they are captured by a race of technologically advanced men ... who claim to be descendants of survivors from Atlantis! Then, immersed in a sinister plot led by Commander Magon to topple the wise Basileus and lead modern Atlantis in conquest of the surface world, they ally themselves with Crown Prince Ikaros to thwart Magon's megalomaniac plans. But the outcome is far from certain...

English Publication[edit]

Atlantis Mystery was published in English in 1990 by Comcat Comics. It was translated by Dwight Decker, and edited by Bernd Metz and Jean-Jacques Surbeck.

It was later re-issued by Cinebook Ltd in January 2012.


It was adapted for television for the Blake and Mortimer TV series in 1997.