Atlantis Princess

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Atlantis Princess
Studio album by BoA
Released May 30, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre K-pop
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo Man
BoA chronology
Atlantis Princess
Next World
(2003)Next World2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Daily Vault 3.5/5 stars[1]

Atlantis Princess is BoA's third Korean album. The album debuted at #1 in the Top 50 Korean Monthly Charts, with initial monthly sales of 213,000 in May. The overseas version of this album also includes a bonus VCD.

The album was also released in some parts of Asia, particularly Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Track listing[edit]

Promotional songs are in bold.

  1. "Time to Begin" (Kenzie) - 3:36
  2. 아틀란티스 소녀 ("Atlantis Princess") (Hwang Sung-je, Lyrics by Taehun) - 3:44
  3. 나무 ("Tree") (Kwon Ki-myung, Lyrics by Ik-Soo) - 4:28
  4. "Milky Way" (Kenzie) - 3:20
  5. 천사의 숨결 ("Beat of Angel") (Ik-Soo, Lyrics by Hong Ji-yoo) - 3:40
  6. 선물 ("Gift") (Park Chang-hyun) - 3:44
  7. 이런 내게 ("Where are You") (Ko Young-jo, Lyrics by Bae Hwa-young) - 3:48
  8. 단념 ("Make a Move") (Oh Seung-eun, Lyrics by Park Ki-hyun) - 3:03
  9. 사랑해요 ("So Much in Love") (Ha Jung-ho, Lyrics by Park Chae-won) - 3:55
  10. 남겨진 슬픔 ("Endless Sorrow") (Choi Seung-min, Lyrics by Kim Ju-hyung) - 4:09
  11. "The Show Must Go On" (Yoon-sang, Lyrics by Park Chang-hak) - 4:05
  12. 서울의 빛 ("The Lights of Seoul") (Hong-seok, Hwang Sung-je, Korean lyrics by Cho Yoon-kyung) - 4:25
  13. "The Lights of Seoul" (English Version) (Hong-seok, Hwang Sung-je, English lyrics by Oh Sung-sin) - 4:25

Bonus VCD (Overseas Version)[edit]

  1. Atlantis Princess MV (with Chinese Lyrics Subtitles)

Chart history[edit]

The album ended at #4 in the list of the best-selling albums in South Korea in 2003, selling close to 400,000 copies.


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