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Blaeu's world map, published in the first book of the Atlas Van Loon (1664).

The Atlas Van Loon was commissioned by Frederik Willem van Loon from Amsterdam. It consists of:[1]

  • Volumes I to IX: The Dutch edition of Joan Blaeu's Grooten Atlas from 1663-1665
  • Volumes X, XI and XII: Blaeu's city books of Italy, covering the Papal State, Rome, and Naples and Sicily, all from 1663.
  • Volumes XIII and XIV: Two volumes of the French edition of Blaeu's Atlas Maior, covering France and Switzerland, both from 1663.
  • Volumes XV and XVI: Blaeu's Toonneel der Steeden, city books covering both the Northern and the Southern Netherlands, from 1649
  • Volume XVII: Pieter Goos' Zee-atlas ofte water-wereld (Maritime Atlas or Water World) from 1676
  • Volume XVIII: The French edition of Johannes Janssonius' Zeeatlas (maritime atlas) from 1657

The Atlas Van Loon was acquired by the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum in 1996.

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