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Atlas Venture
Industry Venture Capital
Founded 1980
Headquarters Cambridge, MA, United States
Products venture capital funds
Total assets $3 billion
Number of employees
  • This article is about the life sciences venture capital firm Atlas Venture, which previously also invested in technology. For the technology team formerly at Atlas Venture, see Accomplice.

Atlas Venture is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in life sciences startup companies in the U.S.. Atlas is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the majority of its investments are located. [1] Atlas is currently investing its tenth fund, which closed in April 2015 with $280 million in commitments.[2] The team is led by five investment partners: Peter Barrett, Bruce Booth, Jean-Francois Formela, David Grayzel, and Jason Rhodes.[3]


Atlas has invested in over 150 life sciences startups since it began investing in the sector in 1990. Atlas invests in a range of therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology, autoimmunity/inflammation, neuroscience, gene/cell therapy and editing, and anti-infectives. The current portfolio includes gene editing company Intellia Therapeutics;[4] oncology companies Bicycle Therapeutics, Replimune, Surface Oncology and Unum Therapeutics; autoimmunity companies Nimbus Therapeutics and Padlock Therapeutics; anti-infectives company Spero Therapeutics; synthetic biology company Synlogic; RNA companies miRagen Therapeutics and RaNA Therapeutics; and CNS companies Quartet Medicine and Rodin Therapeutics. Notable prior exits from Atlas’ life sciences portfolio include Actelion, Adnexus Therapeutics, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Annovation Biopharma, Annovation Biopharma, ArQule, Arrow Therapeutics, Arteaus Therapeutics, Avila Therapeutics, CoStim Pharmaceuticals, Crucell, deCODE genetics, Exelixis, Micromet, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, MorphoSys, Novexel, Stromedix, and U3 Pharma.[5]

Originally formed in 1980, Atlas historically invested in both life sciences and information technology startup companies. In October 2014, Atlas announced its shift to a biotech-only venture capital firm, with the technology-focused investment team forming a new firm, Accomplice, to continue investing in information technology startups.[6][7] Previously as a diversified firm, Atlas had raised over $3.0 billion of investor commitments across nine venture capital funds. The firm raised $705 million for its 2000-vintage fifth fund, $600 million for its 2001-vintage sixth fund, $385 million for its 2006-vintage seventh fund, $283 million for its 2009-vintage eighth fund, and $265 million for its 2013-vintage ninth fund.[8][9] At its largest, the firm had offices on the West Coast as well as in Europe, in addition to the Boston-area headquarters. Today, the firm operates from a single office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [10][11]


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